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Last week I introduced you to Dr. Ken Duckworth, the medical director for the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI), whom I interviewed as part of a blogger conference call hosted by Revolution Health. Since I couldn’t cover the entire …Read More

Thanks to readers Sandy Slaga and Larry Parker for bringing this AP story, “Study: Treating Depression Is Good for Business” to my attention. Here’s the gist: Investing in depressed employees — quickly getting them treatment and even offering telephone psychotherapy …Read More

For a week or so, I’ve been pondering the following question by reader JCH: I have also been married for a little over a year. My husband knew on our third or fourth date about my depression and saw it …Read More

James at “Finding Optimism” is devoting several posts to this specific topic because of all of your feedback to his great post “12 Ways to Care for Someone with Depression” and “Things to Say to Someone with Depression.” His wife, …Read More

Anna’s second post is entitled “Know the Enemy,” and is as excellent as her first, “The Depression Dialogue“: Know the enemy. Sounds awful, doesn’t it? But I’m talking about the illness, not the person who is sick. When that dawned …Read More

In case any Beyond Blue readers are camping out in the Black Hole, convinced that they will never ever have a different mailing address, I wanted to share Michelle’s letter with you, so that you have at least one thing …Read More

Thanks to Philip Dawdy of “Furious Minds” who picked Beyond Blue as one of his picks of “thinking blogs.” And thanks to James of “Finding Optimism” for telling me to go look. It was fun to wake up to a …Read More

Surfing the Internet is becoming a dangerous activity for me. The day after I wrote my post, “Is It a Relapse?,” about how very scared I was of returning to the Black Hole (or the “dark holes” as Mother Teresa …Read More

Here is Douglas’s post about whining on “The Splintered Mind” (but to get the full effect you need to go here, and see the picture of the baby crying): Moments before my friend whisked me away to a night of …Read More

Douglas has a valid point. Too much whining gets old, and it’s not at all productive. But this is what I said to him: “Frankly, I wish you would whine more. Because I like whine.” You see, I have to …Read More