Reflecting on what I learned at BlogHer about striking a balance between community feedback and my own story, I thought I’d turn to you, my trusted Beyond Blue readers, for direction. What do you think? Please weigh in by posting a comment.
Do you want to read more in Beyond Blue of:
1) My personal stories and anecdotes
2) Helpful advice and lists of things to do (like 6 Ways to Calm Down)

3) Recent research and studies on depression and anxiety, and links to other knowledgeable sources
4) Your own reader feedback, and answers to your questions–either by me, you, or someone else has the answer
5) A combination of everything (which is what I’ve been trying to do)
I need your input, please! Remember, I’m all about pleasing as many people I can at a time. That’s why I have been in therapy for eight years.
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