Dear Beyond Blue readers,
I can guarantee you that you are in fact at a better place in life than I am at this moment. Because I am currently driving eight hours up to Boston in a medium-sized car with two energetic and spirited children (ages 3 and 6) in the backseat fighting over which movie to watch in the portable DVD player that I told Eric we would never buy and telling us that we should have stopped at the rest area that we just passed because the evacuation is almost complete.
Why do I torture myself so?

Because I haven’t seen my guardian angel in over two years and I’ve never met her husband, who, in addition to his angel bride, prays for me all the time. I will also introduce Eric and the two small people to Mrs. and Mr. Guardian Angel, and introduce both sets of people to my lovely Beliefnet editor, who also lives in Boston. And I get to meet her husband!
As I mentioned in a prior post, one of the activities this weekend will be to shop for a doll to represent the scared, little Therese–so that I have a visual aid to use when I panic, and when my amygdala, my brain’s fear system, hosts the keg parties.
So this is all that I’m writing today. But I’ll be back next week.
Happy Weekend to all of you, and please pray to St. Joseph for us to make it back in one automobile, preferably one that has four tires. Thank you.
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