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February 2007 Archives

Experiments have found that ordinary people tell about two lies every ten minutes. I don’t see how that’s possible, as I’ve been alone the last hour writing this piece (oh dear, am I making it up as I go along?). …Read More

I couldn’t make a racist statement to get out of jury duty. It’s just not me. And my letter failed–the one explaining that I might not be an ideal candidate, given my psychiatric history in the last year. So there …Read More

I had just finished my article about my three biggest fears in raising a daughter today–Britney, Paris, and Lindsey–when I checked out the brilliant monologue by Craig Ferguson on YouTube. He says something like this, for all of you who …Read More

We’ve had some fantastic dialogue on the comments boards of “Mind Over Broken Leg?” “He Had It Coming,” and “Hardly a Secret.” I’ve so enjoyed reading them because I struggle with where to draw the line regarding the power of …Read More

While we’re on the topic of spiritual communication, I have wanted to say for some time that nothing pleases me more than to read on the various message boards notes like this: “I stumbled across your post when looking for …Read More

Up until I reached drinking age (three years after I actually quit drinking), I hated sharing my birthday. I figured my twin sister and I got half the cash in our birthday cards as our two older sisters. But now …Read More

Relax…have fun. It seems like an easy enough way to prevent and relieve depression. But my last two date nights with Eric haven’t gone so well. We spent our Valentine’s Day dinner listening to the couple next to us get …Read More

The date night before Valentine’s Day was the evening Eric and I almost got shot. Again, in an effort to put our worries and responsibilities aside for a moment and have fun. Psychologists advice against talking about your kids on …Read More

Celebrations of all kinds–but preferably without druggie gunmen and nasty brides breaking up over chocolate tortes–have been known to fire up neurotransmitters in the brain and protect brain cells in the prefrontal cortex from shrinkage and death. When people sing, …Read More

There’s a big secret out there–“The Secret“–waiting to be discovered by all of us who want a better, easier life. Rhonda Byrne, an Australian filmmaker, has repackaged the ancient philosophy of the “law of attraction” and the power of positive …Read More