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For all the brouhaha over not having clergy lead prayers at the 9/11 anniversary ceremony at the new World Trade Center memorial yesterday, there was plenty of faith at the observance, including biblical readings from President Obama, former President George W. Bush and former Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

In fact, it was impossible to find coverage of the anniversary that didn’t include a faith angle, whether on grieving the victims, consoling the survivors, or looking at how Muslims and interfaith efforts have responded to the resulting Islamophobia. A sample:

One glaring “religion ghost,” however, was the absence of the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church’s land dispute in any of the coverage, even in the maps of which lower Manhattan buildings were damaged or destroyed by the Sept. 11 attacks. I can’t decide if this is a massive public relations failure on the part of the Greek Archdiocese, or just evidence that the media got overwhelmed/lazy due to all the more obvious angles of the anniversary? Probably both. But, I did find one story from a Russian journalist — reporting that apparently nothing has changed about the “Ground Zero church” dispute in the past nine months.

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