It’s Friday the 13th, so whether you’re scared or skeptical about this “unlucky” day, check out this CNN Belief Blog piece by Stuart Vise about the superstition.

Now, if you’re ready for some fun, check out this “Yahweh or No Way” clip from Tuesday’s Colbert Report, chalking up Osama bin Laden’s death as a miracle from now-blessed Pope John Paul II, pitting “Thor” (the Norse god of thunder, now in theaters) against Jesus, and judging the likelihood that May 21 will be Judgment Day, a Rapture predicted by “Christian doomsday prognosticator Harold Camping.” (Has anyone else seen his Family Radio billboards about how “The End is Near” and “Christ Returns?” I spotted one at the Oakland airport a few weeks ago — do you suppose it prompted anyone to book an exotic trip?)

My favorite part of the clip:

Let’s face it, there are a lot of similarities between Thor and Jesus. Jesus was carpenter, so they both have hammers. And they both had daddy issues. Odin exhiled Thor to earth to humble him, and God sent Jesus to earth to die for our sins. Either way, you’re looking at a couple of pretty awkward Father’s Days.


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