Here’s some food for thought: Should all Christians, or at least evangelical Protestants, apologize on behalf of the actions taken by Florida’s reportedly unrepetant, enthusiastically Quran-burning pastor Terry Jones which prompted violent protests in Afghanistan over the weekend — or the hatemongering Westboro Baptist Church (now planning to picket Elizabeth Taylor’s funeral!), or abortion clinic-bombers and doctor-killers, or gay-bashers, etc.?

No? Then why do people insist that random Muslims should apologize for the actions of their extremists? (For what it’s worth, the big American Muslim organizations now routinely issue press releases denouncing terrorism, but this still seems to be ignored by the folks determined to paint them all with the same brush.) Does being a Muslim mean always having to say you’re sorry?

Please share your thoughts — keep it civil and on-topic — in the Comments section below.

P.S. I think the AP had an interesting graphic on the tiny (news to Glenn Beck!) percentage of the world’s 1.5 billion-plus Muslims who commit terrorism, versus the tiny percentage of the world’s 2 billion-plus Christians who do likewise. Check back for updates as I try to track it down. Or, if you have a link, post it in the Comments section below. 

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