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I coach a group of great young ladies in a jail alternative program on a weekly basis.  As a Life Coach, my primary objective is to help my clients discover the greatness that lies within them.  My purpose is to draw out the water from the well of greatness inside us all.  My last session with them was great and it was really eye-opening for me.  As we continue on our journey towards greatness, I wanted to share the lesson with you.  I opened up with a word picture.  I said “Imagine you see within a distance, a bag containing everything that your heart desired. What would you do?”.  They unanimously said ” Run to it!”.  I relied, “Good you should, but there’s a twist to this…..You attempt to run but you find yourself  running in place and not moving forward, because you have this boulder tied to your waste!”  They looked at me with a blank stare.

“Why can’t you move?”  I continued.  “Because you got that big rock tied to you” one of my girls said. “Exactly!” I concurred.  We continued on with the lesson.  What is true for these young ladies is true for you and I.  We discovered that the boulder represents our past, our failures, our hurts and pains, people who wished us no good and our fears.  We also discovered that it’s quite possible that the boulder we’ve been attached to, has been the main reason why we can’t seem to move forward in our lives. Sound familiar?

Whatever your boulder may be, today is the day to sever the ties with it.  We have to literally, cut the association with our past.  Too often we allow our boulders in life to become our identity.  That is very dangerous. There is a life awaiting you that God purposed for you to live in, but you won’t discover it until you learn to leave your boulder behind.  How do we sever the ties? Good question.  We must first acknowledge and take ownership for our boulder.  Next, we must grieve it (this is a process) .  Finally, we must CHOOSE to leave it behind us.  This takes courage to leave what is familiar to go into an unknown place.  However, going through the process will give you a greater sense of clarity and you will begin to see your life unfold.

Remember we have the ability to not only change our world, but the world as a whole….BE GREAT!!!

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Pervis Taylor, III is an Author, Life Coach, Speaker and Contributor. His books Pervis Principles Volume 1 and 2 are available exclusively on his website: He resides in New York City. Follow him on twitter @pervistaylor or facebook


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