Have you ever wondered how just a few words can make a big difference in someone’s life?

It could have been something you said that transformed someone else’s life.

It could have also been something that someone said to you which transformed and impacted your life.

Now think for a moment…

What about all of the people out there who you know (and possibly even those you don’t)…what are they saying about you?

Here’s something very interesting which is quite often overlooked.

The people who achieve the most wealth in any area of their lives (spiritual, mindset, career, financial, family/relationships, social, physical) will endure an equal amount of positive and negative, and this is certainty true of what others say about them.

Taken a step further…

If you are looking to make a large impact on the world just know that the larger the impact you make the more you’ll have people both praising and criticizing you.

Take a look in your own life and you’ll see it. For example, let’s say that you want to make the biggest impact in your family, just know that you’ll get an equal amount of support and challenge, pain and pleasure, etc.

This is true in any area and along with it comes people who will take on both sides, the positive and negative.

This ties right in with your vision and how big (or small) you want to play in the world.

How far are you willing to embrace pain and pleasure or support and challenge?

Because the magnitude of support and challenge you can endure will determine the evolution you can handle.

If you can’t handle 1 billion people disliking you then don’t expect 1 billion people liking you. A leader must be able to handle both of those paradoxes. If you want 1 billion people liking you but don’t want anybody disliking you…then if all you can handle is 10 people disliking you, then that’s the size you’ll go.

Now for you it may not be 1 billion people. Again it all depends on the size of your vision. Just know that as long as you are willing to embrace both sides equally, you’ll achieve the level of success to that degree.

So be humble to all of the praise you receive and thank those who praise and support you.

Be thankful for those who criticize you and use that as feedback to grow.

And know that both sides are there to wake you up to your own brilliance.

When you are aware of this you grow and your magnificence will shine.

In fact you are already a special person with so much value to contribute to the world.

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