Because This Is Your Life

It kept happening over and over again and at first it made no sense at all.

But once the harsh reality started to set in, the question of “why” kept coming up.

Perhaps you’ve had the same thing happen to you.

Each and every day you see other people succeeding…increasing their wealth year after year, having more time to do what they love most, living a freedom based lifestyle—while you’re still working at your same job, living in the same house, having the same bills you can’t pay keep coming in…and telling yourself that, “next year will be different…things will get better.”

But it’s not getting better.

And the most frustrating part is why.

Because after all, you see everyone claiming how quick, fast, and easy it is to live what they call “the life of your dreams.”

And while you see them apparently living that way, you feel like giving up.

But there’s two things you aren’t seeing that is going on…

First, they didn’t achieve all of their success in a quick, fast, and easy way. And second, the reason for all of their success had mostly everything to do with having incredible willpower.

Now if you’re looking to change your current situation around and go from where you are now to where you want to be, the question to ask yourself is…

“How much willpower do you have?”

1. The easy rider

I’m sure you’ve seen this before in some way or another…”How to build your business fast”, “Here’s an easy way to go from zero to 6 figures in one year”, “Manifest what you want with ease.” It’s quick, it’s fast, it’s easy. And the list goes on and on.

If you’ve been in a situation where you bought a product, joined a coaching program, or even heard someone claim how “easy” it would be…

Let me ask you…

Did you get the results “quick”, “fast”…and was it “easy?”

Perhaps to some degree you did—or it may have seemed that way at first—but once you started applying it into your life, it was anything but “easy”…right?

And once you saw that it was more difficult than it was made out to be, what did you do?

Did you stay with it and persevere…or did you give up?

As strange as it may sound the so called “easy” solutions that are out there actually end up being more difficult…

And even stranger than this is that it’s no more difficult than it is easy.


Ok, so what does this have to do with how much willpower you have?

Simply put…

When you look for things to be more easy you’ll end up having less willpower because when the difficult part comes up you’ll be more likely to give up.


When you look for an equal balance of ease and difficulty you’ll end up having more willpower which results in you being more likely to be more persistent and perseverant.

But wait there’s also something else.

2. Giving up giving down

Now of course I’m not telling you to go out and just look for everything to be difficult. I’m also not telling you to go out and be negative and pessimistic. What I am telling you is that no matter what you do, that they’ll be both ease and difficulty along the way…

And this is a good thing. Because it is through the difficult challenging moments that you get your greatest breakthroughs…

But only on one condition…well maybe two:

That you don’t give up AND that whatever it is that you’re doing is highest on your values.

In other words, when you’re doing something you love that is most important to you, you won’t give up, you’ll have more willpower. This is the difference between giving up and giving down.

When you give up, you’ll quit and say, “It’s not meant to be” or “I’m not lucky.”

But when you give down, you’ll go deep down within and say, “I’m staying with it no matter what”, “I’ll take on both the positive and negative in pursuit of my purpose”..
And in the process you’ll be more inspired.

And this is when you get that breakthrough. This is when you realize that the positives and negatives in your life serve a purpose and are there to guide you.

It’s also when you discover (and rediscover) your genius and magnificence.

3. A force of one

I’ve said many times that everything that shows up in the world consists of what you see and don’t see. And most of what you do see is caused by what you don’t see.

Now to some people this may seem “phoo phoo’ish” or “really out there” but it’s not.

And the proof of this goes back to what I said earlier…

And that is, anyone you see as having a tremendous amount of success while increasing their financial wealth year after year…while living what seems like a dream life, not only put in a tremendous amount of time and effort to get there…

But they also had incredible willpower.

They went through the “ups” and “downs”, the increasing amount of support and challenge, people liking and disliking them, having happy moments and sad moments.

Now it may not appear this way to most people on the surface because most of the time you’ll only see the so called “positive” side…

But the reality is that behind closed doors, that which you didn’t see—the challenge, the people disliking them, the sad moments—was taking place AND was necessary AND was testing them to see how much willpower it would take for the success that you do see.

Because in order for you to have unstoppable willpower, it is incredibly important that you not only read what I say here but to apply it into your life.

Yes, we all want things to be easy, quick, and fast. That stands to reason.

Now I want you to think about this…

“The word easy would lose its meaning if not balanced by difficulty.”

And this…

“The word fast would lose its meaning if not balanced by slow.”

Now does this mean that getting the results you want should be a slow process to the point where it takes forever to achieve?

Of course not.

But just understand that sometimes by doing things “slowly” you get “faster” results.

Do you remember the old story about the tortoise and the hare?

It’s a story about how the fast moving hare (rabbit) ridiculed the slow moving tortoise.

The tortoise challenges the hare to a race. The hare starts off fast and leaves the tortoise in the dust while appearing to having an easy time winning the race.

But what happens along the way is that the hare was so overly confident he decided to take a nap during the race.

And by the time he awakes and races to the finish line he found out that the tortoise had passed him by and beat him.

Well, the tortoise in a sense had more willpower and was perseverant in the process even though he appeared to be slower than the hare.

So what seems like “slow” or a slow moving process on the outside, in many cases, is actually the fastest and quickest way.

That’s the point here…

Along with the fact that when you’re fulfillment driven and prepared for the ease and difficulty, you find out that achieving what you want does turn out to be easier than you originally thought. But only if you’re prepared and know how to handle both sides of the situation when they come up.

And this is the secret to having unstoppable willpower…

Along with realizing the tremendous amount of value you contribute to the world through the magnificence and uniqueness of who you are.

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