Because This Is Your Life

How many times have you heard any of the following:

“I’m not perfect”, “Nobody is perfect”, “Be your true self”, “It is important to be your authentic self.”

Or perhaps even this one…

“You don’t have to be perfect to be yourself”

How many times did you ever question each of those statements and really take a deeper look at how they affect your life?

While it is important to be your true self, how about the importance of being perfect and your true self?

With that said here’s the question to think about…

Can you be perfect and still be yourself?

Most people will argue for their own limitations and say that you can’t be perfect and still be yourself.

I certainly differ on that because you can be perfect and still be yourself.

1. The one sided fantasy

The reason why most people say that  no one (or the world) isn’t perfect is because their definition of perfection involves just one side…the positive side.

In other words, their view of being perfect means always being nice, kind, honest, and any positive trait.

Then when the opposite shows up, in this case mean, cruel, dishonest, and any of the negative traits in someone (or an event) they’ll quickly say, “no one is perfect” or “the world isn’t perfect.”

Understand this very carefully…

When you look at someone or something as trying to be one sided, always positive or more positive than negative, that’s not perfection.

The perfection is that every human being and event in the history of man and woman kind is two sided.

Therefore any time someone is looking for perfection in a one sided manner, they’ll never find it, because it doesn’t exist.

This is when you’ll hear someone say. “no one is perfect.”

So the next time you hear someone say that no one is perfect you’ll get a greater appreciation of what that means.

2. Mistakes or lessons

Speaking of getting a greater appreciation of things, here’s something else to take a closer look at. How many times have you said that you made a mistake? We’ve all said it and “thought” that we made a mistake or mistakes in our life…

But do we really?

The only way that someone can make a mistake in their life is if they’re trying to live a one sided life while not living according to their highest values, or the things most important to them.

How can you know this?

Easy…because when you are doing things that are truly most important to you while understanding that we all live in a two sided world, you’ll embrace both sides, the perceived positives and perceived negatives…

And as a result you’ll know that no matter what happens on your life’s journey are lessons that are helping you realize the magnificence and brilliance of who you are.

These are not mistakes, they are blessings.

This is where being perfect and still being yourself comes in.

3. Love is perfection

When I speak of love, what I’m referring to is that there is an equal balance of both the positive and negative and that they occur simultaneously.

Most people are not aware of this. However, when you look closely enough you’ll see “the divine perfection” of it every time…

And along with it you’ll see that you can be perfect and still be yourself.

In fact, when you’re being your true self you are being perfect, because you’ll be aware that you are both a positive and negative person and that you need both.

Take a look at the different moments during the course of your life.

How many times did being positive help you and others? How many times did being negative help you and others?

The same can be said for when being positive and negative didn’t help you.

The point is that there will be moments in your life where you’ll need to use any of your positive traits and there will be moments where you’ll need to use any of your negative traits.

So rather than running away from half of yourself, embrace both sides of yourself and you’ll realize the magnificence of who you are.


You never have to get rid of half of yourself to love yourself and you never have to get rid of half yourself to be your true authentic self.

So instead of arguing for your limitations and saying you’re not perfect, welcome the fact that the both sides of who you are contributes a tremendous amount of value to the world.

This is what makes you the amazing person that you are.

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