Because This Is Your Life

It was the end of another “dream” day for Jonathan as he and his girlfriend were getting ready to go to sleep.

In fact…

Leading up to this day you could say the last four weeks were a “dream” for them.

The reason being…

Jonathan…an internet marketer…just launched a new product and over a two week time frame made slightly over $1 million…or more accurately $1,054,000.

In some ways it surprised him…it most ways it didn’t.

Because he knew exactly how to get people to buy his products…being that he had been successful in doing so in the past.


There was something he didn’t know…or at least didn’t bother paying attention to.

So after another night of celebrating his big million dollar launch with his girlfriend and their friends the two of them went to sleep.

When they woke up the next morning…it was gone…along with his business…and a lawsuit waiting for him.

Strange as it seems, this was surprising and predictable at the same time.

It just depends on who you ask.

Most people’s response as to the real reason why this happened to Jonathan would be “no way.”

To those who pay attention their response…”I can easily see why this happened to Jonathan.”

The real reason for this happening has to do with becoming elated…and especially bragging about it.

Now you may not have your own business…and not doing million dollar launches.


During the course of your life you do have situations come up that are above and beyond the usual…something new and “exciting”…

Something which tempts you to want to tell the world about it…to brag about it…to show off.

And along with it the question…

“What happens when you get elated and brag too much?”

1. The bragging brigade

It seemed innocent at first and then became more contagious…ultimately resulting in becoming “sky high”, elated, and bragging about it repeatedly.

This is what Jonathan and his girlfriend were doing as the money from his million dollar launch kept rolling in.

There were continuous postings on Facebook about it…

The pictures of the dollar amounts that kept coming in…

The pictures of the house they were looking at buying…

The talk and pictures of the clothes that were bought…the tropical vacations they were going on…

It was endless.

And truthful I felt glad for them, even though many people out there would be jealous.

What I kept my eye on was—and I do this regularly…and certainly aware of it for myself—when is this bubble going to burst for them?

Because when you become overly ecstatic, elated, extroverted, and bragging out of control…especially when something new and above your ordinary function comes into your life…the other side will come in and humble you.

Of course I’m not saying to just be quiet about things and to keep it all to yourself…

What I am saying is that there’s a fine line to go to.

And like I said a minute ago…to be humble about it in a way that you still let the world know about it.

Now this leads right into the next (and most misunderstood) part…and one that when you “get it” your life transforms in ways you never thought possible.

2. Unseen forces you see

Even though Jonathan had done well before with selling his products and programs, he never had a million dollar launch.

And with this were two things he wasn’t aware of and one thing he was aware of that he violated…

One, how to control his emotions without becoming overly elated to the point of bragging about it.

He also violated the basic idea of “not to put all of your eggs in one basket.” Most of the money he generated from that million dollar launch and from most of his other successes was from Facebook.

As a result…

He knew the guidelines of what Facebook allowed and didn’t allow.

Because he got so “caught up” in the elation and ecstaticness of it all…he lost his focus and did foolish things that ordinarily he wouldn’t have…in this case being fully aware of Facebook’s rules and regulations.

And once they shut him down for blatantly violating their rules and regulations they filed a lawsuit against him…and since he put all of his eggs in one basket (Facebook in this case) his business pretty much got shut down as well.

And the second thing he wasn’t aware of…

The unseen forces you, I, and everyone else doesn’t see.

Now this is something most people find hard to believe at first.


It’s how the world operates based on Universal Laws of Nature.

The bottom line is this…

Anytime you get “cocky”, “puffed up”, “elated”…and try to live more one sided in this way, the Universe will bring in “resistance” factors to ground you.

You’re familiar with “pride before the fall”…same idea here.

Now of course this works in varying degrees.

For example…

Just because you may have a brief moment of feeling elated because your son or daughter made the honor roll at school…it doesn’t mean some major “tragedy” will come into your life.

Whereas…if you were to go around and brag to everyone all the time about it…you may get people coming back at you by saying “negative” things about your children…or perhaps accusing them of cheating in school…you get the idea.

And in the case of someone in a situation like Jonathan…obviously more dramatic…and in some cases life threatening situations can and do occur.

So how do you guard against this?

How do you tell everyone about your accomplishments without having those situations and events come into your life that you don’t want?

3. Carrying yourself

Jonathan and his girlfriend are “good” people with the best of intentions. It’s just that they got “caught up in it all” and underestimated the Universal Laws of Nature…which are unavoidable and unviolatable.

And the way to effectively play by these laws while avoiding those situations you don’t want…while also being able to tell everyone about it…is by carrying yourself with poise…by being humble.


When you contribute something of great importance…a big goal you’ve always wanted that you finally achieved…in any area of your life…

The wisest (and first) thing you could ever do is to look at both sides of this “new” thing coming into your life.


Ask yourself, “what are the new responsibilities in my life now…what are the new pleasures and pains…the new supports and challenges that come with this new thing I’ve have and accomplished?”

Because no matter what it is or what you have they’ll always be an equal amount of those supports and challenges…those pleasures and pains…the happy and sad.

And once you realize this you’ll be poised while approaching these new situations in a humble manner.

Now there’s something else that happens in all of this…

You realize that you’re being your true and authentic self.

It’s been said that your true character comes out in the “down” moments you experience.

Well it works the other way as well…

Because it’s also easy to be “up” when things are going your way.

Yet in both cases you’re not being who you truly are.

And being who you truly are is embracing the both sides of life equally no matter what is going on around you…which results in you being the poised, humble, and magnificent person you are.

Along with this…

You’ll project your inner brilliance and how valuable of a person you are in the world… in a way that allows you to be respected, appreciated, and recognized for who you are and all you do

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