Because This Is Your Life

What happens during a boxing match?

Well if you’re like me perhaps you aren’t a big fan of the sport…and quite possibly not a fan at all.

However, my favorite movie of all time is based on a boxer…Rocky starring Sylvester Stallone.

Whether you like the movie Rocky or not, there’s a powerful message in the movie to pay attention to…

And it has to do with going the distance.

In the movie it’s Rocky just wanting to go the distance (the full 15 rounds with the champ Apollo Creed) in the biggest fight of his life…just so he (Rocky) can prove in his own words, “That I’m not just another bum from the neighborhood.”

Now I’m sure you’re not a boxer looking to go the distance in any fight…

Yet you are someone who is living a life on this planet and in some way wanting to show (and possibly prove) that you do belong and worthy of being respected, appreciated, and recognized for who you are and all you do.

How are you able to do this?

It begins by going the distance throughout your life.

And the most effective way to do this is by living the truth of who you really are.


Because when living according to your truth…the person that you were put on this earth to be…you’ll follow through on what is most important to you.

You’ll go the distance on a daily basis throughout your entire life.

As a result, instead of giving up and caving in to the expectations of others, you’ll rise up and be relentless to the authentic expectations of who you are…and of how it can help others.

This will give you the energy and firepower to embrace the supports and challenges, the praise and criticism, people liking and disliking you, and all the other heavens and hells…equally.


It’ll test you to see how you handle situations when people accuse you of lying when you’re being truthful and sincere.

Not only that, but it’s likely that you’ll become a more patient person…especially as it relates to things not going your way at first.

Think about it…

How many times have you (or even someone you know) been in a situation that didn’t go your way at first…but you stayed with it and over time it did end up going the way you wanted.

This has happened with me in many ways.

I remember growing up and how many times other kids would make fun of me (especially because of my name) and even pick on me…

And now some of these same people (who I’ve reconnected with) act the direct opposite towards me…they praise me in what I do and even referred me to help out their friends.

How did this happen…

By going the distance throughout my life

…and the same is true for you.

Now of course it also takes patience on your part because the outcomes you want in life—especially the BIG goals—don’t happen overnight.

But when you’re willing to go the distance in all that you do…and as I like to say do the “little big things”…you get the big results you want.

How much time does it take?

Well that depends on you, the situations, what you’re looking to achieve, and again…what are you willing to go through in pursuit of it.

Yes, a boxing match is in a ring and at most will last 45 minutes…but the way a person goes about winning that fight is in many ways similar to what you experience throughout your life.

It comes down to how much you care…how much heart you have…and what you’re willing to go through the entire way to show how valuable of a person you are in the world.

And just as important…

How can you pass on the same to others so they can also “pass the torch.”

This is the ultimate service that one human being can do for another…

And you are that special human being.

Go the distance in your life and show the world how much you do matter.


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