Because This Is Your Life

There was this young boy who found himself in the most unusual place looking to learn the most powerful skill of life.

This young boy was searching for an older and wiser man who would teach him this most powerful skill.

What he found instead was a dreary looking swamp land and a midget cartoon like creature who looked weak and inferior at best.

The two people I’m referring to are Luke Skywalker and Master Yoda from the movie, “Empire Strikes Back.”

Why in the world am I bringing this up?

Because what I’m about to share with you can change everything about how you see your life.

Luke went to see Master Yoda so he could learn the ways of the force. This is the most powerful life skill of a Jedi. But to learn that skill Luke had to go through training with Master Yoda.

A big part of Luke’s training is to remain focused and maintain concentration, even during very stressful moments.

One such moment occurred while Luke was doing a certain exercise and then all of a sudden his spaceship which landed in the swamps…sunk.

As this happened Luke lost his concentration and focus and told Yoda, “we’ll never get it out now.”

So Yoda had Luke use his Jedi skill to try and get the ship out but he failed, and then after a little pep talk from Yoda replied “you want the impossible.”

At this point, the scrawny little Yoda used his tremendous Jedi power and lifted the huge spaceship out of the swamp.

Luke was amazed and even went over to touch and feel the ship to make sure this was really happening.

After he realized this, he went over to Yoda and said…

“I don’t, I don’t believe it”

…To which Yoda replied,

“That is why you fail.”

There’s a life changing lesson and skill to be learned from this–that you can start using right now.

But first think about this:

How many times have you found yourself saying or thinking, “I don’t believe it”, “I don’t believe you”, “I don’t believe this will ever work for me?”

Let’s face it, we’ve all had these moments during the course of our lives.

In fact, it was this very thing that unknowingly to me at the time, contributed to my losing of over $100,000 which basically left me having to start all over again.

It was my sub conscious fear of not believing “it” which actually attracted the very situations I was trying to avoid…

While at the same time blinded me to the people and situations who were truthful and legitimate.

And then I realized the people and things I could believe while knowing they would work for me.

I actually discovered how to do this after having the revelation of how all of the negative situations that kept coming up in my life were serving me.

This was a very similar breakthrough to that of Luke Skywalker’s after he saw Yoda pull the spaceship out of the swamp.

Just like Luke Skywalker’s Jedi power and wisdom skyrocketed, so did the belief in transforming my life which has led me to living a freedom based lifestyle doing what I love most.

And it all came down to, “believing it.”

This was the life changing lesson I learned that you can start using right now.

So many times we want to see the “proof” first. And this is fair to say because after all we want to have that inner knowing and certainty that what we’re about to do will go our way…

But sometimes the proof we seek isn’t so obvious at first.

This is exactly what happened to Luke Skywalker upon meeting Yoda. This is what happened to me many times.

With Luke the proof was Yoda showing him that the impossible is possible. With me it was a revelation that was staring me in the face all along.

What is that “proof” for you that has you “believing it?” Is it an inner belief? Is it a gut feeling? Is it an inner knowing you have?

Whatever it is for you, always remember this quote…

“To those who believe no proof is necessary and to those who don’t no proof will ever be possible.”

Let this be your guiding “force” as you go through life and watch the so called “impossible” become possible.

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