Because This Is Your Life

During the course of your life you have days where it appears that you’re more “up” than “down.” Then there’s other days where it appears that you’re more “down” than “up.”

Does this sound familiar?

Let’s go a step further…

I’m sure you’ve also experienced moments of time in your life that seemed like you were on a “roll” and that nothing can stop you while things just seem to be going exactly the way you want.

Have you ever had this feeling?

Along with this, I’m sure you’ve also experienced moments of time in your life where it seemed like things were going backwards and that nothing was going your way.

Have you ever had this feeling?

When each of these situations have occurred for you, did you ever wonder why this happens and if you can even control the way they happen?

Have you ever thought about how you can sustain things the way you want over an extended length of time and possibly for your entire life?

Well guess what…you can.

The way you can control this is by how you handle situations that occur during the course of your day.

As I’ve said many times, every situation and event in your life has both sides…the positive and the negative.

Any event that appears to be negative in your perception also has a positive and they both occur in equal amounts. You may not be see this in your full awareness at the moment but they are in equal amounts.

How do you know this is true?

Because you couldn’t perceive one without having a hidden awareness of the other.

This is also true of how you perceive people.

For example, if you have the power to see someone, to include yourself, as being greedy, then you have the equal power to see them as being generous and to the same degree.

This is true in how you perceive all people and events.

Why is this important?

Because when you have this type of awareness and you see that the negative situations serve you just as much as the positive
situations are a dis-service to you, then you’re about to be more poised and present.

The result of this is that you don’t get caught in the roller coaster emotions of being “up” one day and then “down” the next…

And this is also true of how you’ll see moments occur in your life over extended time frames.

It is very wise to be steady, consistent, and poised in how you handle situations because this is the driving force behind the degree to which things go your way in your perception versus when they don’t.

Living your life in this manner is a much healthier way to go.

Will you have moments where things will “push your buttons” and “test” you, of course.

But when you know how to handle them in the manner I mentioned above then you are less likely to have people and situations
run your life and are more likely to move through them in a manner that yields the type of results you want in the areas of life most important to you.

And yes, this also gets you to see the real authentic you…

The authentic you that is an amazing, magnificent, and beautiful soul who has it all.

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