Because This Is Your Life

As you well enough know you have a unique journey that is special to you, and along that journey are memorable moments.

In fact, when you really think about it, your journey is much like a movie, with the question being, “what type of movie?”

This leads to what I want to talk about today, along with what I want to ask you…

“What is your favorite movie and how does it relate to your life?”

My favorite movie is Rocky. From the first time I saw it, back in 1979, I decided to pattern my life after Rocky in certain areas and to evolve (and grow) over time.

While I don’t “copy” and pretend to be like the Rocky character per se. I do use the main theme of the story in my life.

To me Rocky represents someone who had a dream, stayed with it no matter what anyone said, was persistent, gave it his all, and it payed off for him in the different areas of his life…

And of course he had challenges along the way.

He also had support and challenge, praise and criticism, people liking and disliking him, and so on.

On the surface it may look like a boxing movie but there is much wisdom about life that is tied up into the movie.

So what is your favorite movie and how does it relate to your life?

How can your unique journey and story be made into a movie and what would that be for you?

What supports and challenges, ease and difficulty do you face along the way, and especially how did you handle them on the way to reaching your life’s goal?

Let’s take it a step further…

What would be the sequel to that movie that would relate most to your life?

I’ll say it another way…

Whatever that movie is which relates most to your life, what new story or movie sequel can you create for yourself starting right now that has you move forward?

Your story (and journey) never ends, it just evolves over time and becomes your legacy.

Even though Rocky’s story is “fictional” it still lives on in many ways and in many people. After all, whenever you go to Philadelphia, where the Rocky story took place, a statue of him is there right at the Philadelphia Art Museum, which is where the “Rocky steps” are that he ran up.

So what are you currently doing to leave a positive lasting impact on others and the world with your inspiring story?

What is unique, magnificent, and special about you and your life’s journey that you could make into a “real life” story?

It doesn’t matter where you are right now because just like Rocky you could turn it all around.

Here’s a quote to remember,

“The more down and out you’ve been, the more in and up you’re destined to go.”

If your situation isn’t where you would like it to be right now, just know that it can be turned around, and it starts by really knowing what it is about you that brings value to others and the world.

If you aren’t sure of what that is, just ask yourself that question and keep coming up with the answers everyday

This will help you discover the truth of your magnificence and when you do you’ll realize how special of a person you are

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