Because This Is Your Life

One of my favorite quotes of all time is from Albert Einstein and states the following:

“My contempt for authority is what made me one.”

One of the most often quoted people is Einstein and interestingly enough this quote I just shared with you is one I have rarely
seen mentioned.

It is certainly worth mentioning here because it is one of the most important quotes to live by.

This quote also brings up the question…

“Where is your authority?”

Einstein never saw himself above or below anyone. Einstein chose to stand on the shoulders of those he admired before him rather than minimize himself and live in the shadows of others.

To answer this question of where your authority is, it is wise to see what Einstein did and apply it to your life.

Who do you admire? Who do you look up to? Who do you “wish” you could be like?

Instead of subordinating yourself to those you admire, look up to, or wish you could be like, see where you are similar in your unique way.

When you do you’ll realize the greatness in you that you see in them.

Of course it is important to be respectful to others. It is also important to be humble and honor the greatness in others as well.

Remember no one deserves to be put up on a pedestal or put down into a “pit” but people deserve to be put in your heart.

The other answers to the question, “where is your authority” are based on your specific situation.

Your authority can be in how you manage your time, how you organize your daily activities, how you take care of your physical health etc.

It can also be how you act towards other people.

When it comes to showing your authority towards other people just know that the more you value yourself the more others will value you.

Showing authority towards others isn’t about talking down to people or being “cocky” or thinking you’re above them. It’s about you demonstrating how much you value yourself.

If you want to achieve more of anything in your life, it comes down to you placing a high value on you and this can be in any of the 7 areas of life.

When you value yourself for who you are, the world values you and doors of opportunity open everywhere.

Take the time everyday to see how important you are and how much you contribute to the world…

Because you do matter and make a positive difference.

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