Because This Is Your Life

Today I have a very simple question for you to ask and then answer…

“What is your moment of truth?”

What do I mean by this and why is it important?

I want you to scan back through your life right up to present time and recall the most important moments of your life…those moments where you perceived in some way that your life was facing a crossroads.

Whatever that is for you, how did react?

In other words, what decision did you make and how did you feel in that moment?

I want you to also think about what the ripple effect of that was. What were the after effects of that moment?

For example, in that particular moment in time, were you happy, joyful, and peaceful…or were you sad, resentful, and full of regret?

Along with that, were you thinking ahead to the future or wishing things were the way they used to be in the past?

Here’s the story on all of this…

Your moment of truth is something that really defines the character of who you are. Remember, it’s not what happens to you that matters, it’s how you perceive it, what decision you make out of it and how you act from it.

So what this comes down to is, when you perceive whatever happens to you as having both sides to it (the positive and negative) and you make a decision that’s based on what is truly most important to you (you values), you will then act in a way where you’ll be authentic and not have any regrets.

The result…

You live a more fulfilling life being your true authentic self.

And remember this isn’t about living a happy life, it’s about living a fulfilled life. The apparently most “happy” people are the ones who are most “depressed.”…

Whereas the person who realizes and embraces that they are both happy and sad, are the ones who are living a fulfilled life.

The point of all of this is that your moment of truth has both sides to it and your ability to know that and to use it in your life is the difference between you living the type of life you’d love to love versus staying stuck and feeling like you’re barely living.

When you approach your life in this manner you’ll realize the true magnificence of who you are and you won’t let others on the outside affect you.

You’ll also realize the tremendous amount of value that you offer the world through your unique ability of who you are…

And who you are is an amazing person that deserves to live an amazing life.

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