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Something took place in the fall of 1960 that changed the course of history.

It was the presidential debates between candidates, then Vice President Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy.

Leading up to the debates Nixon had a comfortable lead.

After the debate Kennedy pulled ahead and won the election a month later.

How did this happen?

These were the first debates that were televised. Most of the information the general public received up to that point was communicated through radio. As a result, Nixon had a comfortable lead.

Then when the TV cameras were on everything changed and Kennedy took command and eventually won the election.

What was the difference that caused a downward spiral for Nixon, while Kennedy skyrocketed?

It is the same difference that involves you and your ability to achieve success in any area of your life.

Here’s what happened during those 1960 debates…

Nixon appeared nervous and anxious.
Kennedy was calm and totally in control.

Nixon lacked confidence and poise.
Kennedy showed confidence and poise.

Nixon lost the election.
Kennedy won the election…

And history was changed as a result.

So back to how this happened…

Because Nixon wasn’t able to manage his emotions while Kennedy did manage his emotions.

Now of course I’m not turning this into a political discussion. What I am doing is bringing up something that’s vitally important in your ability to achieve the type of success you want in the areas of life most important to you.

And it comes down to you being able to manage your emotions.

Because without this you cannot succeed.

So what does it mean to manage your emotions and why is it so important to your success?

Managing your emotions really comes down to your ability to remain poised, even in the face of very challenging and difficult situations. It also involves you being able to remain poised in very supporting and highly positive situations.

Anytime you get too “down”, “depressed”, “angry”, and any other negative emotion over a person or situation you become distracted.

Anytime you get too “up”, “elated”, “happy”, and any other highly positive emotion over a person or situation you become distracted.

In either of these cases you’re not being poised.

Take a look in your own life. Recall those moments when you were really “down” about something. Were you able to stay focused or did you have what seemed like a million thoughts going through your mind?

Now recall those moments when you were really “up” and “elated” about something or someone. Were you able to stay focused or did your mind wander off into a million and one thoughts?

In either case it leaves you distracted and not able to stay completely focused.

This may not seem like much at first. But look at it like this…

Let’s say you have an empty water gallon jug. You place it under the water faucet. Then you fill it up with water drip by drip. It may take a while but that water gallon jug will fill up and when it does, what happens? The water overflows.

This a a metaphor for what happens in your mind each time you don’t maintain your poise, especially in challenging and difficult situations. That’s why venting is an unwise thing to do.

Why is this important to your success in any area of life.

Because when you’re able to manage your emotions you are poised. This results in you becoming and maintaining your focus in the many situations, both positive and negative, that you encounter during your life.

And it’s this which allows you to really tap into your genius and inner brilliance in ways you never thought were possible.

As a result you’ll have a clear mind which will allow you to come up with the strategies that can help you in the areas of life most important to you.

Whether you’re looking to get out out debt and want to achieve financial freedom…

Whether you’re looking to have that long lasting relationship with someone…

Or whether you’re looking to live a much healthier life…

Managing your emotions is your guiding force in all of it.

Just know that any situation you encounter during the course of your life, even if it may not seem that way on the outside, has an equal amount of positives and negatives, benefits and drawbacks attached to it.

When you realize that and live your life in that manner, the way people perceive you changes. The way you perceive yourself changes. You start to draw new opportunities to you. In other words you transform your life.

The result…

You’ll be able to change the course of history in your own life.

You may not be running for president but you are “running” for other important things in your own life.

And one of the most fulfilling of all is that you realize how magnificent of a person you really are…

Because this helps you to help others through the tremendous amount of value you contribute to the world with your uniqueness.

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