Because This Is Your Life

I remember speaking with a friend three years ago who mentioned about how life has its interesting turns and twists. This person also went on to say about how ironic things can turn out in life.

Of course I found this to be interesting as I think about this type of thing often.

As I gave more thought to this, I began to think more about one’s life journey.

Each person has their own personal and unique life’s journey and along with it the interesting turns and twists that are unique and sometimes appear to be ironic.

But are they really?

This entire thought process led me to what I want to speak about today and that is…

“Has your life come full circle?”

1. The illusion of karma- I’m sure you’ve heard about how people say that “karma” will get you one way or the other. You’ll hear it’s “good karma” to do “this” and it’s “bad karma” if you do “that.” Many people live with this thought process and think if they or someone else does something labeled as “good” then they’ll get “good” in return.

Many people also think if they or someone else does something labeled as “bad” or “negative” then they’ll get “negative” or “bad” in return.

Both of these types of situations are illusions and the same can be said of “karma.”

The interesting turns and twists along with everything that occurs in your life has nothing to do with “karma.” It has everything to do with the duality and synchronicity of the Universe.

You may not see that with your eyes but that is what’s going on “below the surface.”

Why is this important?

Because when it comes to your life coming full circle, in essence it is and has already been functioning in this mode of coming full circle.

Those people, places, and events, especially the people, who come into, go out of, and then back into your life does not happen by accident. In fact, in many ways they never left to begin with.

It may appear that way on the outside but in actuality those people, who contribute to both your life and you coming full circle in your life, never left.

2. Your circle of influence- The people you associate with in your life is your circle of influence. Of course this can and does change over time. As you go through your life’s journey people will come into and go out of your life.

Along with this people can come into, go out of, and then come back into your life.

They can also go out of your life and stay out as well.

So your circle of influence is always changing in one way or the other.

This plays very much into your life coming full circle.

How many people have you known who were in your life at some point, who may have criticized you, then all of a sudden appear a number of years later and then praise you.

How many people do you know in your own life who were in your life and then for some reason dropped out, and then resurfaced years later, but they have completely changed from the way they “used” to be?

I find this to be fascinating because it applies to every person in the world, in one way or the other.

The other part of this has to do with the timing of these situations that occur. This is discussed next.

3. The beauty of timing- Just like with “karma” people will say there is “good timing” and then label other situations and events as having “bad timing.”

And just like with the illusion of “karma” this is not true, it’s how we perceive it.

The so called “good” and “bad” timings of the events in your life is just one’s perception of what they see in that moment.

The fact of the matter is that the “good” and “bad”, “positive” and “negative” timing of it has both sides occurring equally.

When it comes to your life coming full circle, when you look real closely it has always come full circle.

My intention for you is to be aware of that so you don’t get caught into the illusions of life which leads to an unnecessary amount of emotional baggage that may weigh you down.

It is much wiser to see both sides equally of every person, event, and situation that takes place during your life’s journey.

When you’re able to do this, you’ll greatly reduce any of that emotional baggage that may have been weighing you down.

This will help you to empower the different areas of your life and then you’ll start to see certain people who you may have forgotten about, and who may have criticized you in your past, resurface and then praise you.

You’ll also start to see this same pattern occurring with events as well.

All of this happens when you realize the magnificence and brilliance of who you are along with the tremendous amount of value you contribute to others and the world.

When you value yourself, the world values you.When you invest in yourself, the world invests in you.

When you treat yourself as the magnificent genius you are, the more your genius unfolds and surfaces…

And the more you give yourself permission to do amazing things, the more the world sees how amazing of a person you are.

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