Because This Is Your Life

A young boy was lying on his back injured after another boy kicked him and hurt his leg.

As he was lying on the table he told his mother and girlfriend to leave him alone for a few minutes.

The only person he let stay with him in the room was his mentor.

It was at this moment that the boy asked his mentor to heal his leg. His mentor at first resisted but the boy was persistent.

So the boy’s mentor changed his mind and decided to work his “magic.” He fixed the boy’s leg right on the spot.

And the reason why…

Because the boy said that he would never have balance in his life if his leg didn’t get fixed…well that was a part of it.

You may be familiar with this because it was the scene at the end of the first Karate Kid movie that came out in 1984.

And it all had to do with Daniel (The Karate Kid) wanting to have balance with himself.

Ok, so what does this have to do with you?

Well, it brings up the question…

“Do you have balance with yourself?”

In order to answer this question, it’s important to see if you don’t have balance with yourself.

And one of the ways you can tell is if you’re trying to live a happy and positive life.

You see, you weren’t born to live a happy and positive life. Rather, you were born to live a fulfilled life…

But it is the fantasy thinking which is caused by the fantasy seeking approaches that tries to get you to live the one sided, unrealistic, and unhealthy life…which is the source of many of the depressions, anxieties, and stressful situations we encounter during our lives.

Not only that but we as humans have a tendency to do this to ourselves as well.

And one of the ways you can tell is by knowing that whenever you beat yourself up for something in one area of your life, you are also simultaneously building yourself a different area of your life.

For example…

You may be beating yourself up because you’re not able to lose those last 20 pounds and have the type of body you’d like…while at the same time you may be building yourself up when it comes making more money in your business.

You may be bragging about how well you’re doing in business while getting down on yourself for not following the right nutritional plan.

In any case, it still comes down to having balance with yourself.

Now, when you are fulfillment driven, you’ll be more aware of this. You’ll know that you’re a two sided person living in a two sided world. You realize that both your happiness and sadness serves a purpose. You’ll realize that you’re a nice and mean person, that you’re kind and cruel, giving and taking.

This is when you’ll appreciate yourself and who you are.

And this is also when you’ll realize that you have balance with yourself.

What it comes down to is this…

We live in a world that has been designed to be in balance. There are two sides to every event, every person, and every situation. And the more of one extreme you strive for the more of the other side you’ll get.

Now along with that just know that it’s not possible to live in a 100% balanced and present state every moment of the day.

Humans are emotional creatures and we go back and forth between the positives and negatives. That’s ok. But what’s not ok is when they become extreme and highly “slanted” towards one side, especially the positive side.


You are in this world because you’re a special person with so much to offer. You already have it all in your own unique way. You’re already balanced because you have every trait and in equal amounts.

And when you’re able to realize this out pops your magnificence. Out pops your brilliance.

Also remember this…

You were born into brilliance and conditioned into mediocrity. The brilliance is the fact that you’re here to live a fulfilled life knowing that both the positive and negative are here to serve you. That’s the balance.

And the mediocrity is the one sided fantasy seeking mentality that you’ve been conditioned to live.

Well now it’s time for you to condition yourself from the mediocrity and back into the brilliant genius you were born to be.

And just like Daniel in the Karate Kid who got off that table and showed his brilliance…now the time is for you to do the same.

Your time to shine and contribute the tremendous amount of value you have to the world is a lifelong journey…

A journey that involves discovering and living according to your balanced and amazing self.

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