Because This Is Your Life

What I’m about to share with you at first may sound rebellious and disrespectful…

But of course it’s not as you will see.

At times during the course of our lives we have tendencies to not want to follow rules and just do whatever we want.

After all, if you were once a little kid (and we all were) then you definitely did this. Therefore there’s no harm done.

However when someone continues that trend of not wanting to follow rules into their adulthood and throughout their lives, then it’s a different story. We can look no further than the jails and prisons and see a majority of these people.

Let me get to the point of all this…

“Whose rules do you follow?”

Now the conventional answer may be the rules of where you work, societies laws, rules within your own family whatever those may be, and so on.

But guess what?

There are two rules that are absolutely vital to follow if you ever want to end any massive struggling you may have, and be able to go on and live the type of life you’d love to live.

The two rules I am referring to are…

1. Your values (or those those things that are most important to you)

2. The Universal Laws

When it comes to your values are you living according to what you “should” be doing. what you “have to” be doing, what you’re “supposed to” be doing OR…

Are you living according to what you “love” doing, are “inspired” to be doing, “dream” of doing?

This simple little difference makes ALL the difference and is Rule #1.

As for Rule #2, this is a more challenging one for most people. The reason is because most people are either not aware of or have incorrectly been taught about what the Universal Laws are.

If you have been told that we are born to be happy all the time and that we’re supported by the Universe in that happiness… in other words that your main purpose in life is to be happy, then you’ve been incorrectly taught.

If you’ve been told that happiness is a spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude, then you were taught a half truth.

If you’ve been told to always be positive, then yet again you were taught a half truth.

And I’m just scratching the surface with Rule #2. Now can you see why so many people have a challenging time with this one?

But not to worry because here’s the truth about it…and just for the record this is not based on my opinions.

Here’s the proof…

Go back and scan through your entire life and see when you’ve had moments of happiness and sadness, moments of being kind and cruel, moments when you were positive and negative, moments of peace and war.

Then look at the world around you, and you’ll see the same thing.

If you take a deep and honest look you’ll see both sides.

So my question is…

“Who ever came up with the idea of living a happy life?”
“Who ever came up with the idea of having world peace?”
“Who ever came up with the idea of being positive all the time?”

The truth according to Universal Laws is that there is no such thing as one sidedness…

And this is the most important Rule (Law) that you can ever be aware of and follow.

The spiritual experience is to acknowledge that you have both sides, and that this is healthy. It’s not a bad thing to have the so called “negative” side because it is needed in certain situations, not only to help you but others as well.

In addition, it is needed because you’ll get to see the magnificence of who you are in the process.

Trying to be a one sided fantasy person, not only is unrealistic and unhealthy, but it really diminishes the brilliance of who you are.

You were put on this planet to do great things in your life. A major part of that is being able to use the both sides of who you are in that process…

But to do so in a way that serves others and provides them with tremendous amount of value.

When you realize and understand that you’re a two sided person, and that both sides serve you, those you care about most, as well as humanity…

Then you’ll see how amazing of a person you truly are

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