Because This Is Your Life

Where were you when it happened?

What were you doing?

Who was around you?

Did you even believe it yourself?


What were you thinking in that moment?

Along with this…

What were other people saying? Were they listening to you? Were they laughing…crying…surprised…or did they just remain silent?

And as far as these other people are concerned, the same thing happened with them in their lives as well.

Or perhaps they…just like you…were possibly even scared off to begin with.

What I’m talking about here is what typically happens when you share your dreams—what you’d love to do in your life, your purpose—with other people.

As for possibly even being scared off to begin with…

That’s what happens when you just know that others will laugh at you when you tell them what you’d love to be, do, and have in your life.

They’ll tell you to “get real”…tell you “you’re crazy”…”you’re out of your mind”…and as a result you stay quiet because you don’t want to hear it.


Whichever of these applies to you just know that this is where “you’ve only just begun”…

To begin doing what you love most.
To begin fulfilling your purpose here on Earth.
To begin using your uniqueness to shine in the world.


To begin living your dreams.

The thing is…

They’re not really dreams. When whatever it is you’d love to do is true to you, is it really a dream any more…of course not.

To those who are living their lives according to “shoulds”, “have tos”, got tos”, and “supposed tos”…it is a far fetched dream…it’s unrealistic.

And this is when you’ll hear other people say to you, “when I see it I’ll believe it.”

Sound familiar…right?

Those who come from that mindset will never see it because they don’t believe it to begin with.


When you come from a mindset of “when I believe it is when I’ll see it” then you are in control of your life…and what you achieve.

This is also where “you’ve only just begun”…

Because it all begins by first believing it.

Now of course when you mention this to people, most of them will say, “well there’s no guarantees in life…nothing is 100%.”

My answer to that…

There are two guarantees in life.

One…you can quit and give up. This will guarantee you’ll be living according to someone else’s dreams instead of your own.

And two…

You can believe it before you see it and guarantee that you’ll live according to your true purpose…live according to what you’re here to be, do, and have in your life.

Now of course believing it—the “thinking about it” part—also requires taking action.

Because after all you just don’t sit on your butt “believing” and “thinking” and expecting what you want to show up…


Those who will laugh at you and say “when I see it I’ll believe it”…they’re the ones who don’t understand that a combination of strategic thinking and taking the action is also part of “believing it” as well.

Because “believing it” and the thinking behind it is what drives you to take the right kind of action…or as I like to say “inspired action.”

And again…

This where you’ve only just begun.

It all begins here.

It starts from within you.

It starts long before anyone “sees” it on the outside.

It’s what’s true to you.

Because without this, no action of any kind will take you from where you are now to where you want to be.


Let’s come back to what typically happens when you share your dreams—what you’d love to do in your life, your purpose—with other people.

Let them laugh.

Let them criticize you.

Let them challenge you.

And let them not believe in you.

Because you know what?

You’ll also have people come into your life that will take you seriously…

That will praise you…

Support you…

And believe in you.

Earlier I mentioned about the people who will say, “you’re out of your mind” when you share your “dreams” with them.

To that you respond…

“When I’m out of mind I’m in my heart which is the most powerful place to be. It’s the place where I can best help and serve humanity through the tremendous amount of value I bring to the world.”

And it’s in your heart where “you’ve only just begun”…

To live.

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