Because This Is Your Life

What I want to talk about today is something I haven’t spoken about in quite a while.

And even if I did, it would be worth mentioning again.

Not only that…

But this is something worth paying attention to because it is very much involved in your ability to achieve what you want in your life.

Now of course this will occur on different levels and in varying degrees based on your specific situation.

What I’m speaking about is that of taking risks…

And I don’t mean careless, reckless, or directionless risks, but rather “healthy” risks that “stretch” you enough to get you out of your comfort zone.

Along with this, the question I have for you is,

“What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?”

I’m sure by now most of you are aware that I speak a lot about how the Universe is two sided. You’ve heard me say many times that there are complimentary pairs of opposites.

For example, there’s nice and mean, happy and sad, positive and negative, peace and war, and so on.

Well there’s also risk and reward.

Just like with all of the other pairs of opposites, it is necessary to have a healthy balance of risk and reward…

And the greater the risks, the greater the rewards.

Again, when I refer to greater risk, I’m not saying to take careless or reckless types of risks that can harm people. What I am saying is to “stretch” and “challenge” yourself and in a way that helps you and of course other people.

I can say that for me, the biggest risk I’ve ever taken was going into business for myself. While it may seem like it’s the best way to have more freedom in your life, and it is, just know that there are also constraints that come along with it.

And of course there are tremendous risks as well. But along with those tremendous risks are the tremendous rewards that come along with it.

In my case, and this was certainly true especially in the beginning, there was that tremendous risk involved. I’m talking about the risk of making money, how long would it take, and being able to maintain that steady and consistent income and having it grow.

Then there were the risks of having to do everything by yourself in the beginning and who can you trust to help you out, and things of that nature.

I knew this going in. I also knew that there would be rewards associated with it.

The reason I’m bringing this up is because it applies to you as well. The only difference is your actual situation.

Just know that life is always going to have both risk and reward. The question is, “are you willing to embrace both in pursuit of your purpose?”

When you take a look at the biggest risk you’ve ever taken, what was the result of that? Looking back on it now, what were the positives and negatives of it? What were the rewards of taking that risk?

Remember, you grow most at the border of challenge and support, and this is very much involved when you take risks.

The other important part of taking risks is that it really shows your true character. In others words it really defines who you are.

It also brings out the magnificence and brilliance of who you are.

When things go your way it is usually easier to be “up” about things. When things don’t go your way it is usually easier to get “down” about things.

The idea here is to handle these types of situations in a poised and graceful manner…

And the same is true when it comes to taking those risks because you are certainly going to get those “up” and “down” type of moments.

Your ability to take risks and handle these types of situations in that poised and graceful manner truly defines how amazing of a person you are.

So go out and be prepared to take those healthy risks. Help and serve others in the process…

And receive equal rewards for all of the amazing things you do.

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