Because This Is Your Life

It appeared to be funny on the outside…

But very serious when you looked deeper.

It seemed to be clean on the surface…

But quite dirty when you scratched below the surface.

And even though it didn’t seem like a big deal at the time, this became a very important life lesson.

Not only that but it actually paved the way for many of the successes I’ve had…

Along with the successes many others have achieved as well.

Ok, it’s time for the back story…

When I was 9 yrs. old I would every now and then go with my step father to where he worked. He was known as a headhunter, which back then (mid to late 1970’s) was the term used for those who would place people in jobs. Usually office type jobs.

It typically involved getting on the phone and “making calls” and placing people in jobs with different companies.

The business was my step father and three other men. One of these men was named Bob. Since my step father had colorful nicknames for everyone, Bob was known as “the boffer.”

I never understood why he called Bob “the boffer” and one day I asked my step father about it.

Carl, my step father said that even though Bob aka “the boffer” was a nice guy, that there was somewhat of a problem with him.

You see “the boffer” would wear the same brown suit everyday (which is where my step father came up with Bob’s nickname for his last name of “Brown”), come in to work unshaven, and not shower…

In other words he didn’t give off a particularly very nice body scent.

And while it seemed funny that the guys at work would joke with Bob, and even though they did most of their work on the phone, this was a major issue which ultimately led to Bob being let go.

Why am I bringing this up?

Because this had a major impact on me to stay clean and shower everyday, which I still do at least twice a day.

Why is this important?

First, because it’s obviously important to be clean and smell nice, since this makes a big difference in how you present yourself. That is quite obvious.

Second, and not so obvious is because I heard from others—and noticed myself over time— that while taking a shower different people would do various things in the shower.

And there was one such thing I found to be quite interesting and very unusual at first…

But then later came to find out that Einstein was doing the same thing as well.

1. Einsteinium- Along with the many different contributions that Albert Einstein has made to the world, he did have some very interesting and somewhat peculiar idiosyncrasies. Some of these included being so focused and present that he would get lost walking to class. Another one was taking naps and sleeping in the afternoon.

One of these other idiosyncrasies is what he would do in the shower.

Einstein got many of his ideas while taking a shower.

So what did he do? He created a waterproof pen and notebook that he hung in the shower. This way, whenever he had one of his great ideas, rather than forget them, he’d write them down.

Why am I bringing this up?

Because for years I’ve come up with many great ideas while taking a shower that have turned out to transform my life in ways I never thought of…that at first didn’t seem like much.

Most of the products, programs, and services I provide, and how I present them have stemmed from ideas I came up with in the shower.

And this includes most of what I speak and write about on a regular basis.

This has led to much success, not only in business, but in the other areas of my life.

And I’ve also read about others who have done the same.

What about you?

Do you come up with any great ideas while taking a shower (or bath)?

Have you ever done this in the shower? And if you have, did you ever take the time to not only write down these ideas but to take action on them?

Are you aware that these ideas can transform your life?

2. Water and Wisdom- It wasn’t until somewhat recently that I decided to look more into this. I wanted to know what it was about getting into the shower and having the water run down on you that was causing literally a “light switch” effect.

Time and time again I could go from not having any ideas to literally having a flood of them come into my mind as soon as that water gets turned on and I step in to the shower.

It’s also interesting in that I found that many other people experience the same thing. Without getting too scientific, it has to do with some effect the molecules in water have when it touches the human body.

Now of course not every single person would have this happen in the way I or others do. But it is quite common.

The important point for you here is to know how to maximize this in your life.

For you it may not be the shower. It could be taking a bath. It could be going for a swim in a pool. In fact, it can also be just the sound of rain falling outside while you’re inside your home.

And for other people it’s even going to the beach.

In each of these cases it involves water and the ideas you can come up with by tapping into your wisdom.

Be more aware of this and look to see what water type environment has that “light switch” effect on you.

3. Ideas frozen in time- Like I mentioned earlier, there was a very good reason why Einstein created that water proof notebook and pen that he hung in the shower—so

he wouldn’t forget any of those ideas he came up with while in the shower.

For some reason I’ve noticed that right after I step out of the shower, even though I still have those ideas in my mind, I can sense them starting to fade just a little.

Now I can see why Einstein did what he did.

Where am I going with this?

There’s a saying that goes…

“A short pencil is more reliable than the longest memory.”

It is very wise—not just as it relates to the shower environment—but anywhere you are that you somehow get those ideas down.

Whether you write them, record them, say them out loud over and over again—or any other way—just make sure and get them down.

That’s why the short pencil is more reliable than a long memory.

What may seem like a “little idea” can and quite often does turn into a much bigger idea that has a very high probability of transforming your life…and in the way you want it.

It may not seem like it at first but over time that idea grows and can be your life changer. This is why it’s important to write it down as soon as you get it…

And if by some chance you’re in a situation where you can’t write it or record it, look for the very first thing you can find and get it down somehow and as soon as possible.

Most cell phones now have a recorded built in…so record it.

Or you can do your own Einsteinium imitation and invent a waterproof cell phone.

Always remember…

It just takes that one idea that can turn your life and the lives of others around.

You want conclusive proof of that? Look no further than your cell phones, computers, cars, airplanes, and anything for that matter. These were all ideas at some point long before they physically showed up.

And along with that the many people who laughed at the mere thought of these things—which are now commonplace in our lives—showing up in “reality.”

So what is that idea that you can come up with today that can have you go from where you are now to where you want to be?

And how can you find the environment that allows you to tap into that?

By answering those two questions, not only can you effectively change your life and the lives of others around you, but you’ll also tap into the true brilliance and genius of who you are.

You’ll also realize what you are here to be, do, and have.

And you’ll especially realize how valuable of a person you are in this world while helping others do the same.

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