Because This Is Your Life

The inspiration for what I want to share with you today comes from an unlikely source.

Back on June 8, 2013  I had the opportunity to see a band called, the Surf City All Stars, play at an outside parking lot of a movie theater a few blocks from where I live.

The two main members in this group are David Marks from the Beach Boys and Dean Torrence (of Jan and Dean fame).

It was a fun time.

In addition to them playing all of the famous Beach Boys songs, I got to meet and speak with the guys in the band along with taking pictures with them.

One of the songs they played was “Wouldn’t it be nice.” This of course is a very famous Beach Boys song.

As I was watching them play this song from the side of the stage, an idea of what to share with you today popped into my head…

And it has to do with you.

While you can very easily say (and I was thinking about this at first as well), “wouldn’t it be nice if ___________”, while filling in the blank with whatever it is that you want…

Something else came to mind….

Wouldn’t it be nice to be recognized, appreciated, and loved for all that you do?

Sounds like a “loaded” question, right?

But the cool thing is that you are completely in control of being able to have this happen.

And it starts by recognizing, appreciating, and loving yourself.

Now I know you most likely have heard this already. However, it’s one thing to have heard this but it’s another thing to know exactly how you go about it.

Of course it begins by realizing that you’re a two sided person living in a two sided world…meaning that you have an equal amount of both positive and negative traits.

Along with this is that every idea, event, and person in your life—whether it was a positive or negative one—serves you in some way. It may not be obvious at first but it does serve you on your life’s journey.

Just to give you an example…

A number of years back I entered into a business partnership that ended up costing me over $100,000 and my excellent credit. If not for that I wouldn’t be doing what I love today.

And when I look through all the events of what took place it is very easy to see that it has served my life. I’m grateful and thankful for that experience…even to the person that some would say “ripped me off.”

Now let’s get back to you and how this relates to your life.

Being able to see how the things you despise about yourself and what you’ve done or not done, how they benefit you, is what allows you to appreciate and love yourself.

And as a result you’ll also be recognized for all that you do.

It may or may not be obvious at first. But over time you can be guaranteed that you’ll be recognized for all that you do.

The amount of time it takes really depends. What is known is that it’s important  you be patient along the way.

It’s interesting…

The lyrics in the song, “Wouldn’t it be nice”, expresses the frustration of youth, what you can’t have, what you really want, and having to wait for it.

This is where the patience comes in.

Regardless of where you’re at right now in your life, you can certainly change it to however you want. And it’s having that patience which is right at the center of it all.

Yes, at times you “want it now” and I can understand that.

But let me ask you this…

Isn’t being patient worth you being recognized, appreciated, and loved for all that you do?

Now of course I’m not saying to wait 30 years for what you want to show up.

What I am saying is to be consistent day in and day out when it comes to what you want. This, plus your ability to stay focused on what is truly most important to you will guide you every step of the way.

Even with that being said understand this…

From the day you were born up until right now you are being recognized, appreciated, and loved.

How can you tell?

Well you’re alive…right?

Always remember…

You have a tremendous amount of value to contribute to the world through your uniqueness. At times you may not have everyone come right out and say it…

But just know that you do count…

And you do matter…

And that’s why you’re the special person you are.

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