Because This Is Your Life

The first time it happened to me was a few months before my second birthday.

And while I do have flash memories from that first time, it still continues to this very day.

If you were to ask me to explain it, I’m not sure if I could give you a definite answer…but I could share some insights of how it happens.

Along with that there is a very important lesson that can and does transform your life.

What I’m talking about is being able to meet famous people.

And this “phenomena” as some would see it began for me just before my second birthday when I met Jesse Owens. Yes, that Jesse Owens. The famous Olympian from the 1936 Olympics. The same Jesse Owens that was seen shaking hands with Adolph Hitler in private at the 1936 Olympics.

Being that I was just under two years of age at the time, I don’t remember much. My parents said that he let me sit on his lap and he was a very kind and friendly man.

He even signed my name (and called me Shaney) to his picture by saying “best wishes.”

Little did I know at the time that this would be a trend which still continues to this day…coming across, meeting, and getting to know famous people.

Like I said earlier, I’m not sure if I could give you a definite formula on why and how this happens…

But I can and am about to share with you a very important lesson as it relates to famous people.

Let me start by asking you…

In what ways are you famous?

Now if you find yourself saying you’re not famous…think again.

Look in each area of your life. Whether it’s in your family, in your career, within your social network…where are you famous?

You may be saying, “well being famous around my friends or family is not the same as being famous world wide.” And that is true. However when it comes to the world you function in…that’s all that counts.

In other words, if your family is the most important part of your life and that’s what you value most, then you’ll be famous within your family.

If you’re looking to be famous worldwide—like let’s say Oprah—then it would require you to shift your values (your priorities). And then over time you could experience being famous like Oprah is.

But just know that being famous also includes dealing with both sides of life…the supports and challenges, the praise and criticism, people liking and disliking you…equally.

This also occurs when you’re “famous” within your family. The only difference here is that you have a smaller number of people supporting and challenging, praising and criticizing, liking and disliking you…equally.

Now let’s come back to the very important lesson that can and does transform your life.

One thing that’s very interesting is that after meeting, speaking, and getting to know some of these famous people is that they’re no different than you and I.

Jokingly, I like to say that they go to the bathroom the same way as you and I (of course this is gender specific)…they eat food like you and I…they go to sleep at night like you and I…right?

Here’s something else you might want to start applying into your life…

People who are famous are typically admired by other people. So how does this help you transform your life?

Anything you admire in somebody else is something you already possess. If you’re admiring someone well known for how beautiful they look…just know that you are beautiful as well.

How do you know?


Because you wouldn’t be saying that this well known person is beautiful unless you already acknowledged it in you in some way. Now of course it may not be in the same exact way as you see in the other person because being beautiful means different things to different people, but you still have it.

For example…

If you admire a well known person because they have a beautiful body…look and see where you have a beautiful body. And again, this can be in many different ways. It can be your eyes, your hair, your skin. It can even be parts you don’t see. such as your physical health.

Now of course this will be specific to your situation.

The point is to know that every one is famous and that this occurs on different levels.

This is important in helping you transform your life because when you’re able to realize that you’re already famous in some way, you won’t “beat yourself up” thinking that you’re “less than” other people.

Because you do have a tremendous amount of value to contribute to the world.

You do make a difference in the world.

You do matter to other people.

And you are a special person that is worthy of being recognized for all that you do.

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