While I’ve been blissfully disengaged from the characteristic shrieking, whining, bitching, and moaning of our politics generally, and the Big Conservative media (the Big Con) specifically, it was hard to completely avoid the all too predictable bullshit, the hysteria, surrounding the Derrek Chauvin trial and its aftermath.

Maxine Waters calls for the mob—the same mob that caused about 2 billion dollars of damages to dozens and dozens of American cities throughout last summer—to become yet more confrontational in the event that it doesn’t receive the guilty verdict that it demands for Chauvin. And then, even after they receive what they supposedly wanted, Black Lives Matter punks are videoed issuing violent racist threats to whites in various places.

Unlike conservative commentators who spare not a moment to either reason with BLM and its apologists and admirers and/or shriek in fear over the latter while advocating for ever-stronger police forces, I propose for the consideration of law-abiding citizens who only want to live-and-let-live quite a different approach.  It is a frame of mind, really, that I encourage.

Simply put: Fuck anyone and everyone who would ever so much as even think about physically threatening you or your loved ones—regardless of their reasons for doing so.

I’ll elaborate:

The only justification for aggressively getting into the space of anyone is to defend innocents (particularly yourself or your loved ones) from an imminent physical threat.


This being the case, all other times that one person invades, or group of persons invade, the space of others are nothing less than instances of unwarranted aggression.

The conjunction of these two premises compels the conclusion that if and when anyone invades the space of an otherwise peaceful person, that person has every moral right to assume that the invader means to do him bodily harm.

And he has every moral right, then, to act on that assumption and neutralize the threat by whichever means necessary—and ask questions afterwards, as they say.

To be clear: As long as an individual is not initiating an attack against another, anyone who steps intimidatingly into his sphere of influence (within arm’s reach, roughly) is no different than an intruder that enters his home.  Morally speaking, the Castle doctrine applies, for just as a person is entitled to maim and/or kill a stranger that he finds roaming around his home in the middle of the night, so too is a person entitled to maim and/or kill an aggressor who intrudes upon his personal space.  Intruders, by definition, having no right to the goods of life, limb, and property of those upon whom they intrude, mean to do harm.

They pose a threat.  And a person, then, acts legitimately when he acts to incapacitate that threat—no matter what it takes.

I’m not suggesting that the decent, peaceful, and law-abiding go into attack mode whenever and wherever some barely literate clown with a megaphone spouts insidious rhetoric.  Just the opposite: Let people, whether demagogic politicians, virtue-signaling propagandists, street rabble, or even drunks outside the neighborhood bar, idiots at the mall, or difficult neighbors talk whatever shit they want to talk—as long as they do so from outside of your sphere of influence.

Fuck them—until they cross that threshold, for while they may not realize it, that single step from the outer rim into your space gives rise to a totally new situation. The dynamic of their interaction with you has just changed dramatically, fundamentally.  At that juncture, they are in your home.

Some intruders may mean only to intimidate.  In fact, this is typically (though not necessarily always) the case with the shit-talkers, for a person who really wanted a piece of another person’s ass wouldn’t waste time putting the other on notice as to what he plans on doing to him; he would just do it, and, theoretically, have that much of an easier time doing so given that the person attacked wouldn’t know in advance the attacker’s hostile intentions. Still, a person threatened is not a mind-reader and has no obligation to hypothesize as to the true nature of an intruder’s intentions.

A person accosted by an aggressor could be injured or killed—whether the aggressor means to critically injure or kill him or not.

For this reason, once that fateful step is taken by an intruder into the space of his potential victim, it must be the case that he stepped into a No Go Zone, the Point of No Return.

And if there are multiple intruders, then all of them must be made to suffer the same fate.

Your average person doesn’t see matters this way, unfortunately.  This, however, is only because your average person has learned not to see things along these lines.  He has learned to think that the State, i.e. the police, can protect him from the dangerous.  He has also learned, whether he is consciously aware of this or not, to think that the loud, the obnoxious, the crass, the cruel, and the violent are invulnerable.

Overwhelmingly (though not invariably), the police are not protecting anyone from attacks.  Rather they show up after the attack has occurred. And no one is invulnerable. No one. These are lies.

The good news is that because the average person learned to accept these lies as truths, he can unlearn them—and relearn.  He can radically repurpose his mind.

Training in a real self-defense combat system, not a so-called “combat sport,” but a system designed to teach average folks in a reasonably short period of time how to successfully defend themselves from dangerous assailants will go a long way toward liberating the average person from his ignorance on these matters.  It will facilitate his rebirth, endow him with the mindset that he needs in order to minimize his odds of falling victim to thugs (Information on one such system can be found here and here).

Until then, bear in mind:

(1)Ultimately, you and you alone are responsible for your own protection, and that of your loved ones.

(2)When you view others, irrespectively of their color or ethnicity, their size or strength, their religion or their politics, their athleticism or their physical aggression, their criminality or lack thereof, remind yourself that they are bound by the same anatomical and physiological constraints binding all human bodies.  Look at their skin, yes, but see past their color, their muscles, their tattoos, their scars, their bodily piercings, etc. and remind yourself that their flesh is just a veneer concealing blood, joints, bones, and vital organs.

Remind yourself, in other words, that just as you can bleed, be broken, injured, maimed, and killed, so too can they be made to suffer the same fate.

Remind yourself that just as they have learned how to be merciless, so too can you learn how to become merciless, if only toward those who prey upon innocents.

They are mere mortals, their bodies made of the same stuff as that which composes your own body.

Miyamoto Musashi, Japan’s legendary Samurai warrior, said that from one thing, one can learn 10,000 things.  Well, remember that if you know where a person is in relation to your body, and if you are close enough to touch that person, you are close enough to annihilate that person.

(3)Avoid if at all possible all potentially dangerous encounters with vermin who aren’t in the least interested in listening to reason.  Start trouble with no one.  Agree to fight with no one. Mind your own business.

Just take care of you and yours and…train. Train so that if and when the violent give you no choice, you will without hesitation go to that place, that place of no return—for the violent.

Then, it will not be your survival for which you battle—but nothing less than victory over those who choose to make of themselves the enemy of God and man by preying upon the innocent.




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