Since forever, Republican politicians and their apologists in conservative media would assure their constituents that unless the latter voted “Republican,” the country would go to Hell in a handbasket—or, what amounts to essentially the same thing, be “fundamentally transformed” into a socialist dystopia.

We owe it to ourselves and, especially, to our children, you see, to vote against Democrats and for Republicans at every turn.

To be clear, it is never sufficient to vote for a third party candidate or to simply abstain from voting altogether.  The only way that one can adequately “defeat the left” is by voting for Republican candidates—regardless of how otherwise indistinguishable those candidates may be from their Democrat rivals.

Talk radio host Michael Medved was doubtless representative of his colleagues throughout the universe of Big Conservative media when he would tirelessly ridicule those members of his own audience who, having reached their limit with the perpetual pattern of broken promises and acts of betrayal on the part of the self-styled “conservative” Republicans for whom they always voted, would threaten to vote for third party candidates.  Medved would refer to them as “losetarians” while informing them that, if they were really upset with the GOP, they needed to reform the party from within.

Of course—and this is germane to the topic of this column—when the GOP candidates were those, like George W. Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney, over whom Medved and his ilk waxed orgasmic, then this counsel of Medved’s was framed as if it was axiomatic.  When, however, conservative Republican voters acted on Medved’s imperative and voted in record numbers for Donald Trump, Medved failed resoundingly to practice what he preached: He blasted Trump at every turn and became, if not in theory than in practice, a “NeverTrumper.”

In 2020, Medved wrote an editorial in which he announced that he would be voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Whether Medved ever realized it or not—whether or not he cared—the members of his audience, those who made him the success that he became as a nationally syndicated talk radio host, felt betrayed.  It’s not just that he disagreed with them over the virtues of a President Trump; rather, he personally betrayed them, failing to practice what he had been preaching to the unwashed masses, the little people, for years.

Medved paid for what his audience justifiably regarded as his elitism, his arrogance, his condescension, and, ultimately, his hypocrisy.  He lost his employment at Salem Broadcasting and is today working his local market in the state of Washington.

The point of this column, however, is not Michael Medved.  I focused on Medved here only because his is the proverbial textbook illustration of the vice-ridden mind of the “conservative” public figure who was as eager to betray his constituents as he was to ally himself with the left when it came to a Republican, and a Republican president at that, who he disliked.

Well, now, beginning with Tuesday’s Senate run off race in Georgia, is when mistreated conservatives from the Peach State can have themselves some retributive justice.  Simply put: They can heed the sage advice of their fellow Georgian, the hero-attorney Lin Wood who has been doing infinitely more to defend President Trump’s position on the need for election integrity than either Kelly Loeffler or David Perdue, and not vote for the Republican candidates.

To repeat: Georgian conservatives should not vote for Loeffler and Perdue.

Being in New Jersey, I can’t, unfortunately, have the satisfaction of not voting for them. Decent folks from Georgia, though, most certainly can.

The ability to make this decision will require your average conservative to move beyond his comfort zone and adopt a mindset dramatically different in many respects from anything that he has ever experienced before.  It will require the average conservative to liberate himself from the Matrix, the Fake Reality that has been concocted by the Big GAME (Government-Academia-Media-Entertainment) Complex and to the construction of which the Republican Party and Big Conservative media axis has contributed much.

All conservatives and, come this Tuesday, Georgia conservatives specifically, must ask themselves:

Substantively, how has voting for the GOP improved my life, or that of the country?

Then they should ask themselves a follow up question, no less important than the first:

Substantively, how will not voting for the GOP improve my life, and that of the country?

Einstein is credited with having remarked that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result.  Conservatives have been voting for Republican politicians for decades, and yet there isn’t a shred of evidence that doing so has advanced the conservative agenda a millimeter.

Quite the contrary, there is mountainous, incalculable, ubiquitous evidence that the country has steadily moved, and continues to move, leftward.  Due to space constraints, however, I won’t bother going back decades.  I’ll keep it simple and just focus on…2020.

Consider all that has occurred since just last March:

Almost overnight, the country bequeathed to us by the generation that, in the midst of a smallpox epidemic, fought and defeated the most powerful empire in the world in order to be a self-governing union of sovereign states subjected itself to a nationwide internment.

The United State of America became the Interned States of America as the Constitution of the Old Republic was indefinitely revoked, the economy crushed, and “the little platoons”—as Burke referred to those buffers between the individual and the State, those forms of community constitutive of civil society and in the absence of which human flourishing would be impossible—were radically undermined.

All of this immeasurable economic, psychological, and socio-cultural damage was executed in the name of combatting a corona cold virus that, having a survival rate of 99.9%, is no less dangerous than seasonal influenza.

And all of this occurred in a country with a Republican President, a Republican-controlled Senate, a Supreme Court dominated by Republican appointees, and a majority of whose state legislatures and governors are Republican.

Then, but two months after the Internment began, Black Lives Matter and Antifa violence exploded throughout hundreds of American cities. Police stood down as they and, crucially, their supporters were victimized by thugs.  The White House itself was besieged as monuments to American heroes and other symbols of Western civilization were vandalized and destroyed with impunity while both the street vermin who were directly culpable for the destruction as well as the vermin who funded this campaign escaped the punishment that they deserved.

And all of this occurred in a country with a Republican President, a Republican-controlled Senate, a Supreme Court dominated by Republican appointees, and a majority of whose state legislatures and governors are Republican.

Despite months of warnings that mail-in voting would lead to massive election fraud, the world watched, and continues to watch, as a historically unprecedented number of Americans to have ever voted for a presidential candidate have their votes stolen.

And this is happening in a country with a Republican President, a Republican-controlled Senate, a Supreme Court dominated by Republican appointees, and a majority of whose state legislatures and governors are Republican.

Big Tech has systematically suppressed anyone and everyone who has dared to expose the conventional narratives surrounding “The Virus,” Black Lives Matter, and the Great Steal of 2020.

And it continues to do all of this in a country with a Republican President, a Republican-controlled Senate, a Supreme Court dominated by Republican appointees, and a majority of whose state legislatures and governors are Republican.

All of the above happened in just 2020 alone.

The Republicans, along with Big Conservative media, not only didn’t prevent it; they encouraged it.

So, why exactly is it imperative to vote Republican?  How, exactly, will Republicans stop the left, and stop them from doing what, exactly?

These are the questions that honest people, and honest conservatives, must ask themselves—even though the questions are self-evidently rhetorical.




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