Almost a generation ago, David Horowitz, editor of Frontpagemagazine, wrote The Art of Political War.  Horowitz’s’ book was addressed to his fellow Republican partisans who failed to realize what Horowitz—and the left from which he converted—knew all too well:

“Politics,” he wrote, “is war conducted by other means.”

The author elaborated: “In political warfare you do not fight just to prevail in an argument, but to destroy the enemy’s fighting ability.

“Politics is war. Don’t forget it.”

Horowitz, however, never mentions, neither in this work nor in any of his other work in which he refers to our political situation as one of war, of the need of Americans to physically protect themselves from the increasing violence of the left.

No one in the Big Conservative media complex, even while decrying the left’s mainstreaming of political violence, has never so much as remotely called for their constituents (over half of the country who the left deems insufficiently “progressive”) to take self-defensive action.

Columnist Kurt Schlichter is rare among contemporary Big Con commentators inasmuch as he writes considerably about the prospect of Deplorables, or “militant Normals,” as Schlichter refers to them, using violence to defend themselves against the violent predations of the left.

However, Schlichter warns leftists that their virulent rhetoric and physical attacks against their political opponents will inaugurate “a second civil war” that, he promises them, they will lose royally.

While Schlichter—who, having been an Army Infantry Colonel and veteran of more than one Middle Eastern war, is no stranger to the nit and grit of reality—is to be commended for daring to do something more than simply whine about the violence of the left, he goes no further than to issue threats about the future.  And Schlichter’s prediction is based largely on the fact that Normals outgun their leftist antagonists.

But until this cold civil war in which Big Con commentators, like Dennis Prager, assure us we’re engaged heats up, no one, Schlichter included, proposes a thing about what Americans who continue to be besieged by leftist thugs are supposed to do now.

In an era during which Make America Great Again attire has become equated with the robes and hoods of the Ku Klux Klan, President Trump and his supporters are routinely likened to Hitler and his Nazis who need to be “destroyed,” and Hollywood is producing television shows and movies legitimizing violence against Deplorables (i.e. over 90% of Republicans), men and women who Americans for generations have regarded as heroes are being transformed into objects of shame, Americans must be ready to defend themselves now.

And they should focus not just on learning how to handle a gun, but how to use their bodies as potentially lethal weapons.

To this end, the martial art of Guided Chaos is undoubtedly the most effective route.  And Senior-Master Instructor Al Ridenhour, a retired Lieutenant-Colonel of the United States Marine Corps and the veteran of over 100 combat operations and multiple tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, is the man with whom to speak.

Master Al, a black man who spent some time as a child in a housing project (he describes it as an “overrated experience”), has spent decades enriching people’s lives: He has equipped his students, students as old as their 70s, with both the ability to protect themselves in life-or-death situations as well as the self-confidence that accompanies this ability.

Guided Chaos was founded about 40 years ago by Grandmaster John Perkins, a retired Yonkers police officer who, over the span of his career, had made over 700 arrests, at least 100 of which involved brutally violent perpetrators. It was by virtue of his exposure to and analysis of real, predatory street violence that Perkins, whose lifelong study of various martial arts from around the world had already made him into a formidable warrior in his own right, concluded that most martial arts, given their preoccupation with choreographed and largely impractical techniques, are insufficiently realistic.  It was this insight that led him to found Guided Chaos, an art designed to do nothing more and nothing less than equip students with both the ability and the will to “kill the bad guys,” as Master Al succinctly states, and to kill them, not by learning “pressure points” or other allegedly magic strikes, but by learning how to master the motion of their own bodies.

Marines; Navy SEALS; Army Rangers; police officers; corrections officers; professional bodyguards, boxers, and bouncers; and black belts in various martial arts are among those who became students in the art of Guided Chaos.  At the same time, so too have folks from various other backgrounds (like housewives, retired school teachers, business people, and at least one philosophy professor) found in Guided Chaos a diamond in the rough, something unique and invaluable.

Master Al detests with the white-hot fire of a thousand suns the prevailing paradigm of Sheep, Sheepdogs, and Wolves.  He detects in it something particularly insidious, and insidious by design: Though it is too subtle for less astute minds to perceive, this paradigm actually undermines the vision and spirit of “the Founders of our great nation,” as Master Al has shared with me, by further ensconcing within the collective American Consciousness the toxic idea that civilians do not have a God-given, inalienable right to protect themselves, that they must turn to government actors, law enforcement or military, to defend their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

This retired Marine is having none of this.  In unequivocally rejecting this model for its “Statism,” Master Al just as adamantly rejects its concomitant idea that only a member of a certain professional class can be a warrior. (This a load of “bullshit,” is how the Colonel characterizes it.)

Master Al, following Grandmaster Perkins, is convinced that anyone who is committed to the project can make of him or herself a warrior.  He is convinced that people should make themselves into warriors, for they are endowed by their Creator with both the obligation and the right to “kill” those “bad guys” who would threaten their lives,

To this end, Master Al is bringing to bear his three decades of experience in the study of Guided Chaos to Warrior Flow Combatives, his own system.  “In a world full of wolves,” he aims to turn those who would otherwise be “sheep” into “the hunter,” into their own “Lions,” for neither the Sheepdog nor the Wolf will stand a chance against a Lion.

Warrior Flow Combatives, like Guided Chaos before it, has nothing to do with sport, spectacle, or competition.  From within this frame of reference, a real fight is analogous to war, Master Al underscores, in that it is combat, and combat is always at least potentially mortal.

Real fights are life-or-death.

Master Al is teaching students how to fight—and win.

Given the increasingly reckless and destructive conduct of the left against their opponents, it is imperative that those upon whom the left sights their sights, especially as the next presidential election looms ever closer and leftists become that much more aggressive and dangerous, learn how to protect themselves against those who would harm them.

It is imperative that Big Conservative media personalities have the wisdom, the concern, and the courage to address this topic.

And it is imperative that those interested in unearthing the Warrior within themselves look into Guided Chaos and visit the website of Master Al Ridenhour.



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