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A lot of crowing today on the part of Democrats. I get it. They had a decent night and they need to take what they can get given how badly Donaldus Maximus has been thrashing them for the last couple of years. But now I’m going to have burst their bubble–it’s the least that I can do given how they’ve refused for two years to accept the outcome of the last election:

First, there was no “blue wave.” Some are trying to spin it this way. Less dishonest Democrats, like Jake Tapper, say, and Ed Rogers, of the Washington Post, admit to knowing otherwise. The Fake News media, with their fake pollsters, spent the better part of this past year sparing no occasion to convince voters that a “Blue Wave” was inescapable. Make no mistakes: By “Blue Wave,” they meant a total sweep by Democrats of both chambers of Congress.

This didn’t happen.

Second, Democrats won a historically average number of House seats, enough to secure them control, while Donaldus Maximus defied the historical odds by actually gaining Senate seats. There have only been five times in more than a century that any President has managed to do this during a midterm election.

This means that the Republicans now have more control in the Senate than they had before Tuesday night.

Third, every candidate for whom Trump campaigned won.

Fourth, those candidates who distanced themselves from the President, particularly those who are NeverTrump, lost.

Fifth, the “progressive” rock stars, those for whose victory Hollywood, Oprah Winfrey, and Barack Obama gave all—Stacey Abrams, Andrew Gillum, Bill Nelson, and Beto O’Rourke—lost.   Trump rallied voters for the opponents of these Democrat aspirants, and, once again, as in 2016, he prevailed.

Sixth, those Republicans who now constitute the minority of the House, as well as those who comprise the even larger majority of the Senate, are more solidly behind the President now than were their predecessors, the Flakes, the McCains, and the Corkers.  Last night’s election solidified GOP unity behind Trump and his agenda.

Seventh, with Nancy Pelosi as the Speaker of the House, the next two years promise to supply a bottomless treasure trove of galvanizing gems for the Republicans and Trump’s reelection campaign.

Given the relentlessness with which the Democratic-controlled media attack the President, the Democrats should have performed better last night. That they captured only an average number of House seats while losing the Senate to the Republicans confirms the observation of Ed Rogers, a Democrat writing today in the Washington Post:

“Democrats may have won the House, but Trump won the election.”


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