At the Intersection of Faith and Culture

Official Conservatadom, i.e. Big Conservatism, or the Big Con, is doing what it does best and playing directly into the hands of their (nominal) opponents.

As high-profile Democrats, one after the other, receive “suspicious packages” and makeshift bombs, Republican politicians and their apologists in the media do what they do best by going on the defensive, loudly denouncing the political violence while accepting lock, stock, and barrel the idea that the Democrats truly are in the crosshairs of some deranged right-leaning zealot.

It’s at moments like these that we’re reminded of the virtual uselessness to the right, and usefulness to the left, of the Big Con. The latter, as if on cue, takes its eye off of those issues that place the Democrats at a decisive electoral disadvantage in order to eagerly purvey a narrative, a narrative birthed by the Democrats that depicts them as victims of right-wing crazies.

And those in the Big Con do this with less than two weeks to go before an election over which they’ve been obsessing for the last several months.

Many of the peddlers of Big Conservative media have, correctly, followed the President’s lead and taken to calling their (ostensible) counterparts in the leftist press “Fake News.” Yet they too are guilty of promoting the same, for if they were genuinely concerned about journalism, then they would express at least some measure of skepticism toward the reports of these bomb threats.

Instead, they are, as per usual, more concerned about convincing leftists and Democrats that they will all too happily endorse whatever line the Dems decide will dominate the (fake) news.

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