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This is the textbook illustration of the anti-Trumpers’ strategy via Donaldus Maximus:

Months ago, they waxed hysteria over Trump’s bellicose tweets vis-a-vis North Korea, wailing that this mentally unstable American President was bringing us to the precipice of nuclear war. But Trump’s tough talk was the only talk that succeeded in making the unthinkable happen: “Little Rocket Man” agreed to meet with the president of South Korea and Trump, the first American president ever to meet with the head of North Korea.

So, Trump engages in diplomacy–which is what they always complained he couldn’t do–and they….blast him for being too diplomatic.

The strategy? Damn Trump if he does, damn him if he doesn’t.

The anti-Trump doctrine we may sum up as follows: “He’s Trump, bitch.”

And then the anti-Trumpers bitch that Maximus’s summit with Kim Jong Un accomplished “nothing.” This is such a patently sophomoric, partisan position that it doesn’t deserve a response. But I’ll respond anyhow: The very fact that this genuinely historically unprecedented summit occurred is ITSELF a tremendous gain for peace.

That the heads of North and South Korea met and shook hands recently–an event for which the South Korean president credits Trump and says he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize–is a gain in itself. Even if it all falls apart–something that, his critics’ assertions to the contrary notwithstanding, Trump MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE has conceded is possible–Donaldus still deserves massive kudos for having gotten us this far.

Only fanatical political partisanship or irrational hatred of this President can account for why there are Americans who insist upon not only marginalizing the significance of this event, but further demonize Trump for having pulled it off.

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