At the Intersection of Faith and Culture

All right-wing conservatives across America and beyond will be glad to know that, at long last, the left’s worst nightmare has materialized.

The editors of The Courageous Conservative are as unequivocal in affirming their determination to resist the totalitarian groupthink of Political Correctness as they are committed to serving as the voice for the People, the tens of millions of Red State Americans who have had enough of being bullied by the intolerant, mean-spirited left.

If you subscribe to this new journal now, you can receive its first issue and be invigorated to battle anew the tyrannical excesses of the left.  Consider the following hard-hitting, fearless articles of which volume I of The Courageous Conservative is jam-packed, essays authored by the nation’s leading conservative voices!

The first essay, “Ronald Reagan: The Patron Saint of Modern Conservatism,” is penned by Rush Limbaugh.  Forget Edmund Burke.  In his own inimitable way, Rush argues forcefully for the thesis, controversial even among the members of the grass-roots conservative movement, that Ronald Reagan was among the greatest of American presidents. The country’s leading nationally syndicated talk radio host discusses Reagan’s historic tax cuts and the Gipper’s victory over Soviet communism.  This one is sure to drive the liberals crazy!

Next, in “The Democrats are the Real Bigots: Why We Must Protect Gay Rights in the Middle East,” radio and Fox News host Sean Hannity, a self-described “Reagan conservative,” makes the cutting-edge argument that, in order to fight evil, the American government must build up the military so that we can crush “radical Islam” and safeguard the human rights of gays, women, and the trans-gendered throughout the Middle East (and beyond).

Hannity is particularly daring in noting that, had it not been for President Obama’s “gutting” of our military, there would not have existed this desperate need to restore it to its original capacity and glory.

Hannity adds even further to his courage quotient when he defies the PC gods and contends that there is but one God, and every man, woman, and child, as he says, is created in His image.  Thus, Hannity braves the wrath of the proponents of identity politics, reminds readers that deceased Democratic Senator Robert Byrd was once a Klansman, and advances a succinct but stinging rebuke of…racism!

The third essay, “The Left Hates Free Speech: Why the Left Should Be Nice to Conservative Campus Speakers,” is vintage Ben Shapiro.  Here, Big Ben goes after the left as only he can, using that razor-sharp wit of his to shine some much needed light upon the campus left’s gross double standards when it comes to liberal and conservative speakers.  Shapiro contends that as long as the left denies the expression of alternative points of view, they cultivate within themselves precisely that most odious of all vices—intolerance—against which they have been fighting so strenuously and gallantly for the last 50 years.  He urges his opponents to consider that it was on college campuses, the campus of Berkeley specifically, that the “free speech” movement was born.

Liberals risk becoming like the conservatives they despise as long as they insist upon being intolerant. All views—or at least all views that aren’t racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, white supremacist, pro-Southern, neo-Nazi, in short, “alt-right”—should be aired in academia.

Shapiro speaks for grass roots conservative Americans across the country when he takes this fight to the intolerant left!

The fourth essay supplies readers with a two-for-one in being co-authored by two conservative rock stars. In, “Liberal Confederates and Liberal Nazis,” Jonah Goldberg and Rich Lowry make a thoughtful case for a certain kind of historical revisionism when it comes to our views on the Confederacy.

Those who fought in the Confederacy, like their contemporary counterparts who continue to show pride in the Confederate flag, are not, as the liberal academic and media establishments would have us think, conservative in any real sense, i.e. any sense that Ronald Reagan, Bill Buckley, or the Fox All Stars would recognize. Quite the contrary: Confederates were actually liberals, for just as today’s liberals want to keep blacks stuck on the plantation of the Democratic Party, so too did the Confederates want to keep blacks in chains on the plantations of their slave masters.

The similarities don’t end there!  Confederates were anti-American leftist flag-burners (of sorts) that long preceded the flag-burning leftists of the 1960’s (and today).  Moreover, Confederates were statists.  Not unlike today’s leftists who believe that the all-mighty State has the right to violate the Human Rights of its citizens, Confederates too affirmed “states’ rights.”  That historians and journalists have always insisted upon locating Confederates and neo-Confederates within the framework of the right reflects their own liberal prejudices.

And Lowry and Goldberg then show that since Nazism too affirmed the right of the State to breach Human Rights, and since, like the Confederates, the Nazis oppressed minorities, Nazism, another species of leftism, mind you, is but a 20th century manifestation of the Confederacy.

Hyper-emotional snowflake leftists don’t stand a chance against the unassailable logic of Lowry and Goldberg!

The final essay is written by former philosopher and conservative celebrity, Bill Bennett, who comes out of retirement to offer an analysis of our current situation that is brilliant, yes, but also incendiary.  The thesis of, “The Categorical Imperative: Liberal Democracy,” Bennett reasons that we’ve witnessed an uptick in terror-related attacks here and abroad because of…moral relativism!  Bill is sure to put a target on his back with this one.  The prevalence of moral relativism, Dr. Bennett reasons, accounts for why so many folks, particularly Islamists, fail to see that Liberal Democracy is the only morally legitimately form of government ever.

Dr. Bennett as well cautions us against forgetting our roots as Americans, the only people anywhere ever to have founded their country upon the proposition that all men are created equal!

I now turn off the satire mode: Hopefully, it didn’t take long before readers discovered that The Courageous Conservative is not a real journal. The foregoing was all made up in order to parody exactly the kind of talking points that movement “conservative” types, what many call “Conservatism Inc.” and what I call “Big Conservatism,” regularly pass off as hard-hitting and courageous.

The stone-cold truth, of course, is that Big Conmen and Con-women can regularly be counted upon to display no courage or originality when interacting with the left.   






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