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Beth Owls Daughter and I met for lunch yesterday and commiserated on our upcoming Saturn Returns – although we are a year about, our Saturns are close to the same degree and we both are in the shadow of the […]

Saturn went into Libra, and I found these links on my Facebook page this afternoon: Safety of cosmetics video on Democracy Now The Story of Cosmetics on Youtube A site called Truth in Aging And a new bill proposed in […]

by Lynn Hayes Libra by Evelicious Saturn first entered Libra in late October of 2009, but then retrograded back into Virgo in March, cleaning up issues of healthcare reform and other mundane details of life and the tender ecological balance […]

Saturn tends to create challenges and shows us where we have to wake up to some cold, hard realities.  As it has traveled through Virgo over the past two and a half years, it’s been bringing up some difficult truths about the […]

Dharmaruci has a good article about Saturn’s role in Western society.  DR and I have known each other for about four years – we follow each other’s blog and at one point cross-posted for each other.  On Sunday we’ll be […]

Saturn moved into Libra last fall, but earlier in 2010 it changed direction and has now retrograded back into Virgo, the sign of health and the details of life that make up our material world on earth.   So it’s […]

by Lynn Hayes Saturn is at its last degree of Libra today before retrograding back into Virgo tomorrow (Tuesday) at around 3:30 pm Eastern time. Saturn has been in Libra since last fall where it has been creating tests and […]

by Lynn Hayes The square from Saturn to Pluto is one of the more challenging planetary dynamics due to the bad rep both planets have for being the Lord of Karma (Saturn) and the Lord of Death (Pluto).  Saturn used […]

by Lynn Hayes The planets never cease to amaze me with their creative way of expressing themselves.  Saturn, the planet of rules and morality, entered Libra, the sign of marriage and relationships, last fall and now we have a new […]

by Lynn Hayes I was catching up on my local newspaper this morning when I found an article about a 13-year old who had been shot and killed by police after he opened fire on them.  Searching his backpack, police […]