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You may have heard that Mars is getting ready to turn retrograde, an event that only occurs every two years or so.  Mars is known as a malefic in traditional astrology signifying bad luck and loss (Mars is the “lesser […]

by Lynn Hayes I wrote a post with this title back in December when Mars was slowing down in preparation for its retrograde turn, and now Mars has slowed down as it prepares to turn direct on March 10. Mars […]

by Lynn Hayes What happens when Mercury and Mars are retrograde at the same time?  Usually not such a vivid example as this: Three Malaysian churches have been firebombed in as tensions over the use of the word Allah by […]

This is fantastic – and demonstrates evidence of a shocking cataclysm that “switched off” the magnetic field of Mars, resulting in the dead planet we see today.  Incredible visuals give you a real sense of being on Mars!  Follow this […]

by Lynn Hayes Following up on my article the other day about travel delays corresponding to the retrograde turn of Mars, planet of action and movement, Mercury is now preparing to change direction on Saturday.  When Mercury turns retrograde (planets […]

by Lynn Hayes.  I am on vacation until November 12th and will try to post as internet access permits.  Meanwhile I am reposting some interesting articles from the past and since Mars will soon be turning retrograde it’s worth a […]

by Lynn Hayes Mercury is the planet that rules over communication, the transmission of information and the operation of small machinery, and for the next week or so it will be under stress, potentially causing disruptions in the way we […]

Mars has been traveling through Taurus since July of last year – a long time for fast moving Mars and the longest time Mars has traveled through Taurus since 1974. Mars turns retrograde only once every two years or so, […]