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The US stock market has been manic-depressive lately, swinging from wild highs to abysmal lows. Mercury began to station (its apparent motion slowed down to a crawl) on August 2nd and it turned retrograde on August 4th.  On August 2nd …Read More

As I wrote a few weeks ago, we are in the middle of the second phase of the Saturn Return in the US chart.  The Saturn return occurs every 28-30 years in a chart – whether of an individual, a …Read More

Uranus will change signs this week, moving into Aries on Friday March 11th. Because Uranus rules sudden changes and shocking events, when it changes direction or changes signs it often signifies a radical shift in financial markets. With the stock …Read More

I don’t know about you, but all of a sudden I want to buy a new car.  I’ve been looking online, in magazines, in the newspapers – thrilled at the prospect of something shiny and new in the driveway.  This …Read More

Thanks to astrologers Deb Houlding and Martin Davis for posting a link to this article on Facebook. The Bank of Scotland has studied the performance of six different international stock indices over a period of several decades to determine a …Read More

Wall Street loves a good Republican victory, and yesterday the financial press said that the market was up in anticipation of the Republicans taking the House.  Today the story was that a market reached a new high after the Federal …Read More

The conjunction of Jupiter to Uranus is still creating optimism in the markets that defy the news: “U.S. stocks closed higher Monday as investors were encouraged by earnings from Citigroup and a measure of home-builder confidence that topped expectations.” (read …Read More

I’ve been saying (just read through this summer’s posts on this blog) that after the last of the severe cardinal events in July, August and September we would start digging out of the worst of the economic problems, and this …Read More

The obsession of the United States with money and the amassing of more and more of it can be seen in the fact that Pluto, the planet of compulsive behavior as well as the experiences that create the death of …Read More

This is what I’ve been warning about as Saturn and Pluto create an atmosphere of doom and gloom: Stocks and interest rates tumbled Wednesday as investors around the world took a bleaker view of the U.S. economy. The Dow Jones industrial average fell …Read More