art by Dave Archer. The Moon will be full in Leo on February 7th at 4:54 pm Est/9:54 pm GMT.  The Full Moon is the peak of the lunar cycle – it’s a time when our goals and aspirations reach fulfillment as we prepare for the waning cycle during which we are generally asked to let go of something that no longer works in our ever-changing lives.

The Leo Full Moon is all about learning to become the very best “I” we can be. Leo instills a sense of healthy ego identification and joy – there is greater generosity and expansion of the heart. The Full Moon is a culmination of the cycle, and bringing something into form is an important piece of the intention here. Yet the Leo Moon is opposite the Aquarius Sun, necessitating a balance between our identification with the personal (Leo) and our lives as part of a collective (Aquarius).

This balance between the personal (Leo) and the transpersonal (Aquarius) is an interesting dichotomy for those of us on a path to spiritual and personal growth where the Ego is often considered a hindrance.  It can be tempting to try to extinguish the Ego (Leo) in favor of a transcended view in which all are one and the needs of the community are served first (Aquarius).  But astrological symbolism teaches us that there is no human quality that is more important than any other, and that all must exist simultaneously in balance.  So the Leo Full Moon asks that we delve deep within to find the source of that which makes us special, unique, and ready to open our hearts so that we can better serve the collective on all levels, from the very personal to the global community.  The Self is very present now, giving us an opportunity to allow ourselves to shine as we discovery the true Self that lies underneath the false illusions, fears and doubts.

Mercury conjoins the Sun on the day of the Full Moon, and it opposes the Moon so Mercury is tightly wound into the fabric of the lunation and brings a mental alertness and flow of ideas.  There is a sense of anticipation at this time, with Neptune having just entered Pisces and Venus at the 29th degree of Pisces, preparing to enter Aries. When planets change signs the energy shifts and we have a sense of movement.  Neptune entering Pisces has shifted our consciousness into a growing awareness of the need to let go of our attachment to the material world and learn to flow with the ebb and tides of our lives. Venus on the verge of Aries suggests that in our personal relationships, for a few weeks at least, we need to become more courageous and more adventurous as we connect with each other.

Saturn will turn retrograde just after the Full Moon and its motion has slowed down to a crawl, it is virtually stationary at the 29th degree of Libra.  The retrograde turn of Saturn brings our attention back into the past even as we feel pulled into the future, so as with any Saturn influence it is important to look very clearly at areas of our life in which we feel insecure or experience self-doubt.  These are areas that require greater attention now, and the Leo Full Moon, motivated as it is by self-expression and a general positive attitude about life, can help us to see where these changes are necessary and inspire us to overcome our blocks and move with enthusiasm towards our ideals and dreams.

The energy of the Full Moon generally lasts for 2-3 days after the event, so there will be time for us to integrate these blessings into our lives in a deeper way.

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