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Here’s the introduction to get you started for September:

The astrological indicators for September continue the trend towards less intensity than the energies we have been experiencing for much of the year, with only fast-moving planetary cycles.  Connections between outer planets have a more powerful influence that lasts longer, and we have had an incredible number of major cycles involving Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto over the past years.  Between now and next June there are no major planetary cycles so the crisis points have subsided somewhat for now.

Uranus and Pluto came closest in July to the challenging square that will dominate astrological news until 2015 or so, and these two planets are separating, although they are still within orb of the square which will continue to apply some pressure for change and a radical response (Uranus) to outmoded structures that no longer work in today’s world (Pluto in Capricorn).

Jupiter has just turned retrograde, and Pluto is stationary throughout the month.  Pluto, very much still a planet, inspires us to embrace the death of our old selves and emerge into a new life, very like the snake which sheds its skin as it grows and evolves into a new body.

Pluto will be changing direction on September 16th after traveling retrograde since April.  As Pluto prepares to to turn direct again its motion has slowed down to a crawl and is now “stationary” – it will only travel four minutes of arc between the first of the month and the direct turn, and then just five minutes until the end of the month.  With Pluto at a standstill, its energy is focused like a laser beam, an important transformational influence that will reveal any secrets or dark places that need to be exposed.  During this period there will be no challenging aspects of other planets to Pluto (except for the Libra New Moon on the 27th).  This should facilitate transformation and minimize resistance during the process.

On September 2nd the Sun trines Jupiter for a day or so, shining a light into our quest to bring positive things into our lives.  This is a good time to expand our vision and intentionally open our hearts beyond what we think possible.

There are no planetary aspects (other than aspects from the Moon) during the next few days until Mercury (the mind and mental function) opposes Neptune (spirituality and transcendence) on September 8th. This can be an imaginative time for a day or so, but it can also be confusing and promote delusion.  Try to avoid making business decisions on the 8th, but use that time to let your mind explore different ideas and philosophies or spiritual ideas.

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