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lyme disease astrologyYesterday I did a quickie reading for a new client who has lyme disease. Many of you know that I have an interest in the astrology of health and healing. My interest is not so much the traditional study of medical astrology, although that plays an interesting role, but I am fascinated by the way our emotional makeup affects the energy system in the body, creating changes in our physical health.

I can’t remember ever working with a client with lyme disease, but this is a disease that targets the central nervous system and the joints.  This particular client had issues surrounding an opposition from Chiron to Uranus, which tends to show a highly sensitized energetic system.

In Chatham County North Carolina where I live, ticks are a severe problem, yet not everyone who is bitten by an infected tick will develop lyme disease.  My theory is that certain people are susceptible to infections that affect the nervous system, and I’d like to see if there are astrological correlations that could shed more light on why this occurs.

So if you have been diagnosed by a physician to have lyme disease and are interested in participating in the study, please email me with your name, date, time and place of birth, and the date of onset or any major periods of inflammation.  Analyzing the planetary cycles during significant periods of the disease will help me to understand the innate factors that create the predisposition to the disease, and perhaps provide a clue to healing.


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