While I’m thrilled that astrology is spreading like wildfire on the internet, I am less thrilled at the fear that is sometimes generated, both by astrologers and by readers themselves.

I’d like to post a portion of an email from a client, perhaps this may be helpful for others.

Client: I read on another site that this lunar eclipse is a big one for Virgos born 17-21.
I’m really nervous. Can’t find my CD of our reading to check if this is a day I should stay in bed:)

Lynn: I’m sorry that I am just responding to your email and the eclipse happened last night. The reason that site said this about Virgos is because the lunar eclipse was in a square aspect to your Sun. But more important for your chart, it also made a very tight square to your Moon. This suggests that this period may be catalyzing some big emotional shifts for you – if so, it’s a good time to breathe deeply and let go so that the transformation can occur. If we stay in bed, metaphorically or literally, we miss the opportunity to unfold in a new way.

Despite the fear tactics that some astrologers use, I have not seen instances where eclipses lead to tragic events. They are general internal forces that create change.

Please don’t let astrology scare you! It should be a tool to bring wisdom into our lives, and where there is wisdom fear disappears.

Please note that I am unable to offer free readings to the general public unless they are clients.

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