House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Thursday said the United States would be ceded to plutocrats and oligarchs if Republicans win next month’s election, referring to the flood of pro-GOP corporate election spending.

Peasants for Plutocracy by Michael Dal Cerro

The word “plutocracy” is being heard more and more these days, as in this article quoting Nancy Pelosi.   It’s an interesting word as it contains the word “Pluto” which is all about power and control.  Merriam-Webster defines “plutocracy” as government by the wealthy, which reminds us that in Roman mythology Pluto represented an amalgam of the Greek gods Hades (the Underworld) and Plouton (wealth) for whom he was named.  In ancient times wealth had nothing to do with paper currency or funds held in online institutions: the wealthy collected pots of gold and silver and precious metals, all valuable items that were found under the earth, Pluto’s realm.

When Pluto entered Capricorn, the sign of structures such as government and banking institutions, many astrologers predicted the consolidation of power in some of those institutions, and the destruction and regeneration of others.  Pluto rules the process of destroying that which no longer serves us and regenerating something new in its place.  The United States is particularly prone to confuse wealth with power due to the presence of Pluto in the US chart second house of money and finance.  

Oligarchy is defined as the consolidation of power into a small group that exercises this power through tyranny and servitude.  Certainly the growing influence of corporations (ruled by Capricorn) in the American political system lends credence to the idea that we are fast becoming a plutocracy.  However, the planetary alignments of 2010 have brought a new influence into play: the political rebel is in its ascendancy.  The revolution of the Uranus/Pluto conjunction of the 1960s occurred on the left; the Uranus/Pluto square of the 2010s is occurring on the right.  We saw the very beginnings of this revolution this year when Jupiter and Uranus tiptoed into Aries and faced off against Saturn and Pluto, and by next year the rebellion against the status quo will be in full force.

I would argue that the United States has been heading into a Plutocracy since Ronald Reagan was in office; since the early 1980s the concentration of wealth in the higher echelons has continued to grow to the point where today the top one percent of Americans own 40% of the nation’s wealth.  

When Uranus returns to Aries next spring, the revolutionary fervor that we saw this year will continue to make waves, and while it’s clear that most of the dissatisfied Americans aren’t really sure what it is that they want or who can give it to them, the dissatisfaction will continue.  So I say, bring on the Plutocracy – once it is firmly in place as the Establishment, Uranus in Aries will have a very clear target for the next three years as it battles in a square against Capricorn Pluto.

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