The Musings on Astrology show on Blog Talk Radio happens (nearly) every Sunday at 11 am.

 This week’s show is focused on Pluto.Pluto represents death, and endings, and the new beginnings that arise out of the destruction and elimination of something that has passed away. Pluto is very powerful during the month of September as it slows down in preparation for its change of direction in mid-month. This provides us with a great deal of energy to push through obstacles, and we’ll discuss methods for doing just that. We also have a New Moon in Virgo coming up, and we’ll be talking about the energies that are available during that time as well.

 I’ll start taking calls about halfway through the show, so you can ask a question about your own chart (first-time callers only please). The call-in number is 646-478-5731. These calls are best suited to a particular question – there is not time in the show to do a general reading! If you’d like a personal consultation, please contact me directly.

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