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Here’s the link to the Planetary Illuminations for August 2010, and here is a tidbit to get you started for the month:

August begins in the middle of the second wave of the Cardinal Drama, as I’m calling it. Mars has entered Libra, conjoining Saturn and opposing Jupiter and Uranus. The effect of these four planets alone generates a “stop/start” effect: Jupiter and Uranus in Aries are all about getting things going and yearning for change and a fresh new energy to come into our lives.

Uranus has been particularly powerful since it is virtually stationary, having traveled only one degree since May. It has been lingering at zero degrees Aries since the end of May, and on August 13th it will finally move off that degree and retrograde back into Pisces where it will remain until March 2011.

Both Jupiter and Uranus oppose Mars, the ruler of Aries, and Mars adds fuel to the fire and intensifies the flames. However, Saturn is also tightly enmeshed in this planetary combination, restricting and solidifying and demanding accountability, creating a “two steps forward, one step back” effect. Mars and Saturn are both in Libra, where the aggression of Mars tends to become more passive and less openly assertive as Mars needs to be.

This sense of a “herky jerky dance” as one person put it will last throughout the first week of August and is exacerbated by a square from Jupiter to Pluto that culminates on the 3rd of August but is felt a week or so beforehand. Jupiter seeks expansion and positive good fortune, and also helps us to construct a sense of meaning in our lives. The square from Pluto challenges all of our assumptions and forces us to face areas in our lives where we are not as powerful as we would like to think we are.

Mars is involved in that Jupiter/Pluto drama as well, accentuating our personal needs and desires and potentially running into frustration if our desires are not immediately satisfied. This is a potentially explosive time with a great deal of energy flying about. If we can harness that energy and channel it through physical exercise or creating powerful intentions, we will be able to create powerful change at this time. Any blockages are reminders that desire (Mars) must be accompanied by planning (Saturn) and aligned with our highest good (Pluto) in order to truly change our life (Jupiter/Uranus).

Any resistance to change will be futile now. This is not a time to settle into a comfortable complacency! But Saturn’s influence is strong and will ensure that change comes slowly and methodically. Learning to fall into a rhythm that vacillates between energetic excitement (Jupiter/Uranus) and working through blocks and obstacles (Saturn and Pluto) will help us to utilize this time most effectively.

Also at this time, Jupiter is moving into position to oppose Saturn exactly. Jupiter urges expansion and confidence, and Saturn restricts and creates doubt so these two planets are at odds even in the best of situations. These two in opposition to each other can create a bit of a schizophrenia between confidence and self-doubt that requires a conscious attention to be able to integrate. Yes – be confident and expand your vision of what is possible (Jupiter). But also remember the practical viewpoint and create a solid foundation (Saturn).

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