Astrological Musings

by Lynn Hayes

Sorry this comes late!  Remember this is written for Eastern time zone with GMT in parenthesis, so please adjust for your own locality.  You can use this converter to do so.
  • Moon enters Capricorn midday (5 pm GMT) on March 8, bringing in a sense of order and structure. 
  • Early in the morning on the 9th (8 am-ish GMT) Aries Venus opposes Saturn.  Beginning Monday evening there is some pressure against individual expression in our dealing with others.
  • Mars turns direct at about noon (5 pm GMT) on the 10th.  This will mark the peak of the aggression we’ve been seeing around the world.
  • The Moon enters Aquarius just after midnight (5 am) on the 11th.  We’re feeling creative, independent, and not very emotional.
  • A challenging square from Venus to Pluto intensifies relationship difficulties in early afternoon (late afternoon GMT) on the 11th.  
  • Friday the 12th there are no aspects!  A very rare event.  This will not be the best day to initiate anything new – instead take a breather and re-evaluate things.
  • The Moon will enter Pisces on the 13th at around 2 pm (7 pm GMT), bringing a couple of days of flow and creativity.
  • A conjunction of the Sun to Mercury in Pisces will intensify that watery Piscean creativity but make it more difficult to motivate ourselves to carry out the creative ideas swirling around.
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