by Lynn Hayes

Sarah Palin’s rep is denying the story, but but Alaska insiders are reporting that the Palins are getting a divorce and that this news is why Palin resigned as governor.  Even the mainstream news reported that Todd was left behind after the new governor was sworn in, setting tongues a-wagging. And it has been reported that Sarah is no longer wearing her wedding ring.
Please forgive me as I take this opportunity to gloat, since I predicted this in my earlier post about Sarah Palin’s resignation:

I suspect that Palin’s husband Todd may have been behind her resignation.  He has evidently been her greatest supporter and played an active role in the care of their children, and transiting Pluto (death, rebirth and transformation) has been in a challenging square formation to Venus (relationships) in her chart since January (it came very close last ; summer;at the time she was nominated), and the second phase of that cycle is coming to a head now.  A transit of Pluto to Venus can be very difficult for a marriage that is not in good shape, and any unsettled business is sure to come to a head under this influence.  

It will be interesting to see what comes of this, but it would explain Palin’s resignation much better than some of the other stories we’ve heard. 
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