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ronde-zodiaque copy.jpgThe Daily Skywatch was a much loved facet of this blog, but it was extremely difficult to keep up and still write the variety and quality of other articles that my readers have come to expect and look forward to.  It was clear to me that I couldn’t keep it up and still have time to support myself with other ventures, so I need to monetize it in some way. 

So I am considering offering the Daily Skywatch on a subscription basis for a very modest fee.  Your comments and suggestions are appreciated, but please email me directly.  
The monthly Skywatch of course has always been, and will always be free, and your free subscription includes a translation into English that is apparently much appreciated by my lay readers.  The July Skywatch is now posted and you can find the article as well as signup forms on my website here.
Here’s the news from the first few days of July:

The first few days of July offers a powerful array of planetary aspects and is likely to be a fairly intense period even though it lasts only for a day or two.  Venus and Mercury are both active, with Venus in a challenging square aspect to the Big Three (Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune) and a harmonious sextile to Uranus, and Mercury is in a harmonious trine to the Big Three and in a challenging square to Uranus.  The combination of challenging and harmonious aspects with all of these planets involved suggest an activation and a radical turning point (Uranus) of the transformational Triple Conjunction and the way we view our relationship to our own inner world and subconscious mind (Triple Conjunction).  Mercury helps us to process these experiences through the mind and intellect, and Venus brings the process into our relationships and the way we feel about ourselves and our place in the world.  

This powerful influence will have subsided by the 3rd, at which point Mercury will enter the emotional sign of Cancer.  Mercury can be reactive in Cancer, and for the next month or so watch for emotions to rule the mind.  This will be particularly true because Mercury is moving into position to oppose Pluto on the 4th which will create additional intensity in the mental reams.  This can manifest in a powerful focus that we can use in our work, or for a few days it might create a bit of fear that our emotional security (Cancer) will be compromised.  

Another fast-moving but difficult cycle overlaps here with a square of Mars (aggression and drive) to the Triple Conjunction.  Mars is impatient and can create irritation to nerves that are already sensitized by the occurrences of the previous few days.  Between July 4th and the 7th or so, be prepared to handle the surge of energy that is likely to affect you, particularly if the Triple Conjunction is already affecting your chart.  This is a good time to plan some exercise or enjoyable physical activity so that the energy can be channeled properly.  

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