Astrological Musings

by Lynn Hayes.  This is written for Eastern time zone – please adjust accordingly for your own part of the world.  You can see the positions of today’s planets here


The Moon has moved into peaceful Libra now, where the desire for harmony can come at a price to the individual needs of the Self.  The Moon harmonizes with Mercury at around 9 am EDT (and for an hour or two beforehand), but then we move into some more challenging positions that force us to confront the balance between our own personal needs and those of the people around us. 

A square from the Moon to Pluto at 11:23 am EDT forces the issue and creates the potential for conflict and the need for self-defense.  This will not necessarily be a problem, but if you find yourself in such a position remember the need for balance and compromise.  Libra is the master negotiator and this is an opportunity to learn the skills of tactical diplomacy.

Later in the afternoon (2:20 pm EDT) the Moon will oppose Venus which is in Aries and more concerned with matters of Self.  This could bring an ancounter with someone who embodies those traits IF we ourselves are in need of some training in this area.  Again, balance between the Self and the Other is the focus now.

The Moon will oppose Mars early Wednesday morning (about 1 am EDT) for it’s final lesson on this topic, and otherwise Wednesday will be a relatively peaceful day.  Mercury turns retrograde at 1 am early Thursday morning.

When we say a planet is retrograde we mean that it appears to move backwards from our perspective on earth.  Astrology is not astronomically correct because we are observing the planets from earth rather than objectively from space.  When a planet is traveling retrograde, its effect can be more intensely personal and there is a sense of looking back into the past to go back over events that have already taken place.  

Mercury rules the processing of information and the mental function, and it also presides over small machinery, short trips, and messages.  While Mercury is retrograde, we can expect glitches in all of these areas as our attention is drawn back into any area that needs to be revisited and given a second look.  Often we find breakdowns in our email and communication systems, which can usually be traced back to human error.  Contracts signed and agreements made during Mercury Rx periods often need to be renegotiated and plans made often need to be altered.

Because our attention is turned inward and backward during these periods (Mercury will be retrograde until May 30), they are excellent times for anything that needs a do-over.  Anything that begins with the prefix “re-” (from the Latin “back” or “again”) is suitable during the Mercury retrograde period:  Rewriting a manuscript, renovating your home, returning to a place you have been before to learn something new, retreat into contemplation and meditation.  Try to avoid buying a new phone system or a new computer until Mercury turns direct, and don’t make any major changes to your software systems.

If you do need to begin a new project, hire a new employee, or sign a contract during this time, try to be as clear as possible and have all agreements in writing, but expect that there will be some renegotiation required.  Mercury retrograde does not by any means ALWAYS bring problems, but being aware of the potential for difficulty and the reason behind it goes a long way towards easing any problems that do arise. 
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