Astrological Musings

by Lynn Hayes.  This is written for Eastern time zone – please adjust accordingly for your own part of the world.

On Friday, the early hours of the morning Eastern time are blessed by a harmonious transit of the Moon to Uranus (at 3:15 am) and Mars (6:13 am).  This should help our energy level and stimulate the imagination with lots of new and creative ideas.  We may find ourself a bit at odds emotionally with a challenging square from the Moon to the Sun at around 9:30 am but this will soon be over and harmony will reign once again when the Moon forms a harmonious sextile to Venus at 12:40 pm.

Mercury is moving towards a trine to Saturn which will be in effect all day although it doesn’t peak until 8:52 pm.  Under this influence the mind is focused and disciplined, making this a great day for writing or communication projects.  It’s also a good time to have that difficult conversation that you’ve been putting off. 

The Moon changes signs at 2:19 pm EDT, leaving the industrious sign of Capricorn for Aquarius.  In Aquarius the Moon is less emotional and more rational – more concerned with the ideal of love than an actual experience of it.  The Aquarius Moon provides us with the emotional detachment we need to see life clearly.

Venus changes direction to move forward again at 3:24 pm, and we are apt to see more progress in our interpersonal relationships, especially for any that have required processing during the retrograde period.

There are no major planetary events on Saturday, but on Sunday the Moon will form a stressful square to Mercury at 1:25 am EDT which for a brief time will create some mental distress as the mind and emotions experience a bit of conflict.  Later in the morning, though, as the Moon moves into position to conjunct Jupiter, we will begin to feel more expansive and trusting.  Try to maintain that sense of equanimity for later in the afternoon when the Moon transits Chiron and Neptune at 5-6 pm EDT and potentially stirs up any emotional stew that has not yet become fully cooked.  

The Sun enters Taurus at 6:44 pm EDT.  Let the gardening begin!!
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