by Lynn Hayes.  This is written for Eastern time zone – please adjust accordingly for your own part of the world.  You can see the positions of today’s planets here

  1. Venus conjuncts Mars on its way back to Aries on the 21st:  Relationships become more urgent, and we are forced to balance our personal needs (Mars/Aries) with the need to maintain harmony in our dealings with others (Venus).
  2. Mars enters Aries on the 22nd.  Energy!  Power!  Vitality!  Arguments!  Conflict! Mars in Aries demands that we tap into our selfish sides.  Time now to see what it is that YOU really want and need.
  3. Mercury in Taurus squares Jupiter in Aquarius on the 22nd.  We’re stubborn, and we want to be right.  In fact, we KNOW we’re right, and that means that other guy must be wrong.  
  4. Sun trines Pluto on Thursday the 23rd. Suddenly we are concerned with matters of substance and drawn into the depths of consciousness.  There is great potential today for transformation as a result.
  5. The Moon is in the Balsamic phase as it prepares for the New Moon, making this a better time to complete old projects than begin new ones.
  6. Venus enters Mars-ruled Aries on Friday the 24th, so watch for relationships to become more demanding.  SOMEONE is going to have to compromise.  Who will it be?
  7. New Moon in Taurus Friday at 11:23 pm.  A new beginning, preferably with an eye to luxury and comfort.  
  8. Mercury squares Chiron and Neptune on Saturday the 25th.  Watch for heightened sensitivity, and a temptation to blame our circumstances on the intensity of our emotional reactivity.  Our circumstances have little to do with it – we are in a healing crisis right now with potential for increased spiritual receptivity.  The New Moon will help us stay grounded, while we work on processing these experiences.
  9. Mars squares Pluto Sunday the 26th.  Ouch!  Mars is in Aries, with Pluto in Capricorn.  Power struggles, rebellion against authority, and perhaps a touch of fear as well.  Be careful as accidents are quite common under this influence. 
  10. VERY busy Moon on Sunday, aspecting nearly every planet and entering Gemini in the afternoon.  Prepare for an emotional roller coaster with a nice combination of challenging and harmonious transits.
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